Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007

Phew... am back, finally! Miss me yet?

Happy New Year, sweethearts.

I've too much to share, too little time, really. My trip back to Melbourne has been a little different from what I've planned. I initially planned to come back to party, and rest as much as I can when everyone here starts work, recharge myself before going back to the party land, KL.

Due to some unforseen circumstances, Jo and Steph had decided to visit Melbourne. Don't get me wrong, I was very excited to see them in Melbourne and party together with them but I realized it was a teeny too taxing for myself. Thank god Steph has got Steve. Well, Jo has her friends here too and she was fine when I was out for more than 12 hours without her in a day. But having someone around at home for more than a few days was too much for me, I could hardly breathe, I was under a lot of stress. Guess that's why I chose to live alone.

Hold on a second, I'm not saying that Jo is annoying me. She was fantastic and is a great company but I just needed my space and some time for myself. I can spend time with a lot of people the whole day but I love going home to an empty apartment, that's just me. I told her frankly that I'm glad that she's leaving today, and she absolutely understood what I meant. That's what I love about her - we can be honest to each other, knowing that we won't take it personally - that's why she's my best friend.

So, people, I'm being honest here now - if you're to visit and want to hog my sofa bed, five days max, sorry but I'm just being honest. Besides, you've gotta be absolutely neat and clean. No offense but I treasure my small little cosy pad with heaps of privacy.

For some unknown reasons, I was feeling a little depressed today. Hence, I went shoes shopping. Thanks to Steph, for telling me about the big price slash at Miss Sixty, I've gotten myself four pairs of shoes from there, for less than AUD250. Come on, that price for four pairs of Italian shoes, it's madness. I've also gotten a pair of heels from Cactus Jam, as I needed to use up my credit note which expires this Sunday. Trust me, shopping really does make you happy. Now I'm home in my peace and quiet apartment with five pairs of gorgeous shoes, just had my chilli prawn in front of the tele with air-con on full blast... this is what I call 'life'.

p.s. I was good. I bought nothing, as in NOTHING on boxing day sales (please put your hands together for this, it's a great leap for me)


tracy said...

nice pictures, i like the 3 of u, the guy seems a lil out of place though

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Yeah yeah, that guy tumpang glamour only!