Tuesday, January 23, 2007

30 Days of X'mas

Who says you've to give each other gifts at Christmas? It's a month past Christmas and I've just gotten my belated Christmas gift from my superb sis-in-law and my lazy brother. They got me a Dior Flight's face/eyes/lips palette which I secretly wanted to get but was always too lazy to get my arse up before the jam starts at after work hours.
They've also gotten me Dior's glittering loose powder, just what I need. Rowena is the best (my brother's just paying, no effort in choosing and physically purchasing), I think she can read my mind. Just imagine how happy I was when Rowena came home from work with a paper bag in hand for me. If you haven't already know, I'm the biggest idiot who buys heaps of Dior's limited edition make-up palettes. Just last month, I've gotten its lip palette in its red leather case, as well as the travel make-up palette in pink satin zipper case. I'm really an idiot for anything in fancy packaging. Thank god I've got a sister now who knows my weakness and will sometimes get them for me when I'm too "busy" a.k.a. sleeps too much to get out.

The internet connection is frustratingly slow. It takes me decade to download a file and century to upload pictures on Multiply. Listening to Jason Mraz now and I miss Melbourne terribly, damn...

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