Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bangkok IV: The Touristy Things

Go to the floating market. As my dad said...

"If you've never been to the floating market, you've not yet been to Bangkok"

I totally loved it. I don't mind making another two-hour drive trip there when I visit again. Shopping for food and other stuff on a boat was truly an amazing experience for me. The boat driver was staggered at the sight of me and Eleana yelling at him to stop for us to buy food every single time when our boat passed by any other boat that sells anything that you can put in to your mouth, or looks like they are edible. When he halted at any boats that sell souvenir, all I did was to say "no" and resumed with my food and pretended that I couldn't hear anything. I could only react to food. And the best bowl of fishball noodle soup was the one I had on the boat.
Elephant ride was yet another fanatical experience for me. I couldn't stop yelling for the first three minutes of my elephant ride as it was shaking so much I kept thinking that I was gonna fall. Eleana realized that I've got a totally different voice when I'm afraid and I was irritating the holy shit out of her. I am pretty sure the guy who guided the elephant was sure to wish he had some bandages to keep my mouth shut. Can't wait to see those pictures from Eleana's camera, am sure I look hilarious. Not to forget the massage by the elephant trunk at the end of the elephant show.

Rose Garden was a waste of time. The cultural show put me to sleep and if it wasn't so warm, I might be able to sleep through the show without waking up in between. Thai boxing was the only part of the show that kept my eyes open. I like to see fights!

The pagoda temple that the driver took us wasn't that great. Way too commercialized, would prefer to go to some smaller and older temple with more 'sincere' people. Sorry I don't even know what's the name of the temple that I went to but I know it's near to some university in Bangkok.

The drag queen cabaret was kinda good. They are sizzling hot, hotter than all women I've ever seen in my life. Not only their faces are beautiful, their bodies are great and skin so smooth, they made me feel absolutely bad about myself. Can you imagine the he-women are hotter than me? I'm f*cked-up.
Ping Pong show at D.Domino, as recommended by Milyn was good. The place was small but clean. Girls aren't too old and I didn't feel disgusted by their performance of pulling blades out of their pussy and opening bottles with their fannies, as I thought I would be. I found it quite entertaining actually. I respected them a lot as at least they work for a living. The couple that were performing the sex show on stage was truly amazing - they were so smooth in changing poses and there were more than twenty poses. Of course, they've been doing that a zillion times but being able to not let us feel disgusted and thought it was quite artsy in that kinda place is not easy.

Tuk-tuk ride was the best especially you are jamming in there with four other people and the driver was driving like a mad cow in between the heavy traffic. Tracy was obviously not pleased with the way they drove but ecstatic was I.

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