Friday, January 05, 2007

Goodbye 25, Hello 26

...yet I still feel like I'm 19 - young, silly, confident, playful, laugh too loud, eat too much, with a hint of maturity.

I'm wondering will I ever come to an age where that big number has become too discreet for me to reveal *shrug*

In 2006...

I dare to say that 2006 has been one of the best years I've had in my life. Firstly, it was because of my new found friends. They have embraced me for who I am and at the same time brought the best out of me. They are absolutely supportive and has been encouraging me in doing a lot of things (both serious and silly) that I may have no guts to do it if it wasn't for their encouragements.

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend, Mr Personality-less. I started hanging out with Keat (and sometimes Ken) after our break-up but to be honest, she wasn't one that I'll pour my heart to, then. My life has changed since this particular sms that I've received from Keat after a night out months ago. It says something like "just to let you know that, if you need a friend, I'm always here". From that moment on, everything had changed. I've taken Keat as my close girl friend and I've open up myself for her. She's like a big sister with the naughty streak who can't say no to having fun.

From Keat, I got to know Pat and Violet in a more personal level and now, gosh... what am I gonna do without these bitches? I'm also very blessed that they love me as much as I love them and trust me, it's not easy to find good friends as you grow older, as in true good friends who you can let your guard down.

I've of course not forgotten my old friends (both in KL and Melbourne), don't worry. Come on, grow up and please understand that spending less time with them doesn't mean that my love for them is fading. Friends in KL are all busy with life and work but we never fail to pick it up where we've left it whenever we catch up.

Hanging out with June again is awesome and discovering that Jessie can be a real bitch in the inside is thrilling. Also, I've found someone who is as fond as myself in terms of food and drinks - Milyn. I've also gotten oldER and realize that I'm unwilling to waste too much time on those people who are not worth my time and concern.

I've learned to live when I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead. There's no time for us to waste. Have as much fun as you possibly can. Ohhh... I've also learned that it's better to do it and regret, than to not do it and regret *big wink* I've learned to think of what I'm looking for in a text message before sending one out.

I've met heaps of new people and went on countless dates. I've became more confident of myself and know better what I'm looking for. I've put on less make-up and have learned to appreciate my bare face with those scattered freckles. I've learned to not buy loads of cheap stuff but invest in good pieces although some people called that splurging. I've developed a wonderful relationship with myself and it's great till date. I've learned that there's more in life than weight issues and broken heels.

Well, I can't possibly write down everything about last year but it was just a wonderful year.

2007 Resolution

It's contradictory but...
I'd love to think less and do more this year. As I've already been practising it - Do first, think later. Who cares? I wanna have more fun than last year.

On the other hand, I'd love to think 10% more than what I've been thinking before my actions. I've realized that I might have hurt my loved ones because of my reckless decisions, without me realizing. I really didn't mean to. I might have also ruined some opportunities for people that I care for because of my "just do it" attitude. What I've done can't be undone but I wish that I'll be more thoughtful in the future, think about other's feelings before I play.

Sun's up, fingers are tired.


TheWriter2006 said...

Yes, think of the reply you want before sending an sms and always end it with a question? *wink*

Love you babe!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

And recently I got the replies almost straight away, with the big full-stops!