Thursday, January 11, 2007

Home Again

I ended up going for "breakfast" with Evonne at eight o'clock in the morning on Sunday instead of going out on Saturday night. Evonne was a lot of fun to be with and can't wait for more Sunday brekkies with her when I return, in six-and-a-half weeks' time.

Finally unpacked my luggages from KL in Melbourne twenty hours before boarding. Well, I didn't really unpack except for taking out my stuff from the luggage and put them in to a paper bag. Started packing only an hour before heading to the airport on Tuesday evening as I've nothing much to bring home except for some gifts which are quite heavy.

I was unwilling to leave.

Nearly started a fight with some f*cked faces at the airport because they thought I was trying to cut their line. For f*ck's sake, if I'm as kiasu as you guys and want to be at the front of the line, I would've gotten there three hours earlier. I don't care if I'm the last as long as I get to board, hence, I would never ever want to cut your line. Open up your eyes and see where I was before opening your smelly mouth.

Anyways, perhaps god was trying to compensate me for having to deal with those f*cked faces, I got the emergency exit seats with extra leg room without even requested it although I was the second last to check-in.

Going to seek for help now, am coughing my lungs out.

p.s. Angela, am back in KL but flying out tomorrow.

1 comment:

angela said...

this is sooooooooooo eerie! i was just telling KX on Thurs night that i wished u were back here!!!
sei mou... and the thing is, u were!

anyways have a great trip ok!
call me when u are back!