Saturday, January 06, 2007

Catch the Neighbour

Another early night for me, enjoying my apartment by myself - Tony Bennett on the stereo, Godiva chocolate in my mouth, wind's blowing outside, herbal tea on the side, fresh from the shower in my summer nighties, and was finishing my book up before this. Total bliss... until my phone rang.


I've to say I'm no good in saying no to fun and temptations. Now I've to think, to think if I should go out, f*cking hell. It's gonna be fun to go out, but I was enjoying this peace and quiet, gggrrrrrhhhh...

The Neighbour came with me to Violet's barbecue. Apparently, according to Violet, only five minutes before we left, the barbecue was for Carol, Rob and me, ooohhh... Keat reckoned that the Neighbour is a good catch, maybe he is. I reckoned his thighs are a little too big, and Ken burst out laughing, so did I. I was just kidding, I give every reasons to everything that I can't explain myself.

Everyone had done something at the barbecue - Violet made the potatoes, Ken made the pasta, Evonne made the salads... but no one beats me. I brought the Neighbour!!! He cleaned the dishes, as well as the chairs. He served us drinks, he entertained guests. Hence, I'm taking him to any house parties whenever possible (and of course if he is willing to) with me. Now, he's a good catch!

On another note, Violet claimed to have seen my saddest face ever on Summadayze, when it started to rain. Apparently, when it started to rain, I was absolutely annoyed, disappointed, upset that I was almost in tears, so she said. I couldn't stop laughing when that woman mimicked my expression to me yesterday at Comme. Now people, don't do anything to disappoint me, I'm gonna cry, easily!

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mIcHeLe said...

my bf's parents live in Docklands too but he bought his own house at Burwood. So I'm mainly there even though I live in Carnegie. I thought u had fun @ Summa?