Sunday, January 21, 2007

Frugal Friday

Crashed 8TV's media night at Maison on Friday evening. Well, I didn't really crash the party, I went there as Eleana's "partner" to be precise. It was free flow from 8pm till 11pm. We got there at a quarter past nine, got introduced to a couple of Eleana's colleagues. This friend of hers then told us everything's finished except for beers.

Me and Eleana, being so "thirsty", hastily grabbed the first bottle of Carlsberg we came across at the bar. After several minutes and a few torturous sips of beer (am not a beer drinker), I noticed that whisky was served at the bar. I then elbowed Eleana and she made a quick dash to the bar and got two glasses of Chivas on the rocks. Feeling embarrassed for having two drinks in two hands, we had decided to station at the bar upstairs. Like two drinks weren't enough, Eleana got another glass of white wine for me and everytime when her boss, Peter (who is also an acquaintance of mine) walked pass, I'll have to separate the drinks and hide my face to prevent others from realizing that I'm parking my FREE drinks, damn... too malufying!

We later found out many of the staffs have been having a whole bottle of whisky, cognac and bubbly at their table among the few of them. One of them were nice enough to brought the bottle over and filled our glasses with more whisky. As if we still hadn't learned how to spell 'shy', we ordered another couple of wines to park at the bar for Eileen as that woman was leisurely taking her own sweet time to get her arse down, leaving us with all the humiliation to bear. The bartender was nice enough to give me a big glass of cognac on the rocks when there's no more other liquor on the house, I was more than happy to have that of course *grin*

After one too many drinks to mix with, Eleana and I even went as far as to ask her colleague who I've only met the second time for bubbly when she got spotted by us with a bottle in her hand. Thick skin were we. We then moved on to another table where a bottle of cognac was sitting on and nobody seems to be interested in them except for us. Eleana spoke to them for a little, snapped some pictures and we conveniently started drinking from that bottle. Well, it's not that they paid for it so I guess it doesn't make much of a difference for them since they were not drinking but just posing for pictures among themselves anyway.

After being fed with sufficient amount of booze, we went over to Cynna to check out this place that I used to be on every weekend last summer. Everything had changed in there except for the waiters' uniform. Music was bad as they were playing some shitty progressive house that I honestly didn't know how to appreciate; crowd was some old Malays who can't dress for god's sake; toilet has got no water to flush or to wash hands. According to Eleana, I had brushed shoulders with one of my ex, Darlie Star, but being as blind as I've always been, I missed the chance to say hi and irritate the shit out of him. I wasn't in the mood to talk anyways, just needed to dance after those drinks.

Checked out the Loft and you won't believe me but I loved the music in there. It was really good if you ask me. And the crowd wasn't as bad as I always thought it was, at least they are better than those gold-highlighted-hair-boys and chunky-heels-girls at Maison who started to roll in after the private party. Bumped in to Chee Teong and I wasn't surprise as clubs are the only place that we'll bump in to each other. Eileen bought me a vodka cranberry at the bar to complete my night of mix-all-kinda-drinks. Got picked up by some South African boys on the dancefloor and I maliciously gave out Eileen's mobile number instead of mine, lying that I don't have a number in KL yet. Oh my... I should've video taped her facial expression when she found that out, bwahahaha... it was a classic.

Eileen, but they were nice boys!

Left early at about two after Supermode's Tell Me Why was finished. All in all, my night was great, with free booze all the way; great company; polaroid shots; new faces; new place that I've never been - Maison; nasi lemak and maggie mee goreng tak mau sayur tambah pedas. What else can I ask for? That's the perk for having friends working in this line. Looking forward to another party as Steph's "partner" next week. And all the upcoming parties from Eileen's company.


Anonymous said...

omg. chee teong is my ex bf's cousin. haha small world. really.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

See, the world's indeed very small. We shall behave or the whole world would know about you, e.g. Emily Cheah & Phung Siew May!