Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Zipless F*ck

Was catching up on some old articles from some magazines and came across this article about open relationship, sexual freedom, swinging and the 'new' monogamy. Then it mentioned something about...

"all men need just four things. Food, shelter, pussy... and strange pussy."

There may be a big portion of dumb men like that around, who I believe many of you girls have enough experience with them, but I don't think all men are of that category. What about their cars, TVs, career and ego? Bwahahahaha...

There's also a list of modern monogamy glossary...

Open Flirting - flirting is fun, as long as there's strictly nothing hands-on.
Waistline Monogamy - touching and kissing - all activities above the waist.
Clinton Monogamy - oral sex doesn't count.
Body-fluid Monogamy - close, but not that close; you must be separated from all other sexual partners by a layer of latex.
The 50-Minute Rule - you don't sleep with anybody in your home city.
Ethical Slut - a sexually promiscuous person who is completely honest and open about who she sleeps with and why.
Human Sex Toy - someone a couple brings into the relationship to spice up their love life by watching them have sex, or getting together with one of them while the other one watches.
Polyamorous - having multiple partners openly and consensually.
Voyeurogamy - you can look, but you can't touch.
Trinogamous - being in a committed relationship - comprising three partners.

Interesting, very interesting, although these are not new to me anymore. I've got friends around who practise the modern monogamy. Wonder if I can be in an open relationship when possessive was my second name (note: past tense - was). I was selfish, I was(probably am still) crazy, I got jealous easily, I had double standards - I wanted my cake and ate it. I wanted freedom for me and containment for him. I wanted to have him all to myself and not belong to him.

Was that too much to ask for?


Anonymous said...

i once read form some where.... when u c a guy without an erection... make him a sandwich... is tat so? i dunno... perhaps when tat amount of blood in pump to... some where... da brain hav decrease in blood supply which makes men couldnt think? haha

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

The sandwiches better be really yummy then!