Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crazy Bloggers

I had such a good day today. Firstly, I can't manage to shop anything from KLCC today except for the shimmer top from Zara, darn... but it's fabulous - happy am I. I wore it tonight to Mambo and I had attracted... erm... talk about it later. My point here now is...

I've finally met up with Angela(for the first time) and Kaixin at La Bodega Lounge, Bangsar. I felt like I was a high school kid again, meeting up with virtual friends. They are such cool girlies, I can't believe I told them almost everything on the first meeting.

The two of them love beers, and I'm so so jealous *shoulders shaking* that they are so tiny when I do not touch beer yet I'm almost obese! I would love to stay for the whole evening yet unfortunately, my family had cooked for me, without my knowledge. Well, home cook food is what I've always been yearning for, apparently.

Anyways, Kaixin is doing absolutely well, am glad for her, and thanks to her Doodolls. People, go check it out, it's cool, and it's Malaysian!!! I support Malaysian's. As for Angela, she's someone that I can sit down and relax, speak my heart out and not be afraid, she's freaking insane. Well, if Kaixin is crazy, I am crazy crazy, Angela would be crazy crazy crazy.

Get what I mean?


angela said...

ok "good woman", lets do this again sometime.
it was fun!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Sounds so much fun, I want to join too!

Do this again when I am back for CNY!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Angela, next time if you girls go for after work/during work drinks, just let me know. I'll definitely join whenever I can.

Deisy, when will you be back for CNY? For how long?

angela said...

will do will do!
but the next time u'll have to like give us the whole evening, until we are ALL too drunk to even walk!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

I will be back for CNY for like 9 days I think.

I am not good at alcohol, but, am on "training" now. My hubby asked me drink 2 tea-spoon of "johnny walker" just to keep my body warm before going to bed in winter. I told him with such training, I am turning into alcoholic in no time. Haha.

Counting down to CNY.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Angela, we'll all crawl home, don't walk.

Deisy, by time you return, you'll be able to down a whole bottle by yourself. To keep yourself warm, try 二鍋頭 or cognac, it really keeps you warm during winter.

Unknown said...

had bad hang over.. damn.. can we do coffee instead?