Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hotpot Queen

I had hotpot at home for lunch today, alone! It was so fun. My mummy is the best of the best. I was telling her that I want hotpot today, and make sure she buys fresh everything from the market, and she was so sweet, she really did and the amount of food she bought, my god, they can easily feed ten people. Not only that, she's so smart, she bought jelly fish! Angela was suggesting that to me at Bodega but being me, I had of course forgotten to tell my mummy about it. But today when I went down for lunch, the jelly fish was there.

I've got a smart mummy!

My maids must be thinking that I'm crazy. I was eating alone, while watching some Hong Kong variety shows on my laptop, putting the air-con on full blast.

Am missing all the Szechuan hotpot lunches with Jessie. That bitch went warehouse shopping today, without me. Jessie, if you're reading this, I want Crabtree & Evelyn's everything, get me get me get me!


angela said...

oooooh... u remembered the jellyfish!
it was goooood wasn't it!
your mummy knows her stuff! =)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Of course I remember, hihi... I remember about hotpot at Cameron Highlands too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey~ hot chick~
sori ar... long time nv come n visit here~ hahaha just finished my exam today ler... having steamboat like tat har... i also wan!!!! so miss u ler... more than a year nv go out wif u d~ hee~ tc ya