Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Like New Questions

Before I leave...

Top 5 questions I've got from this trip home.

1) When did you get back??? (big eyes staring at me)
2) Why didn't you call me???
3) When are you leaving???
4) Huh???!!! Why so soon???
5) Make sure you call me out before you leave again, promise????????

Not complaining but I need fresh conversations.

Tired, still.


Anonymous said...

emily asked the first two right?

Whasup said...

6. when wanna push car again?

kimfluttersby said...

hi lynn, it was a pleasure meeting you the other day. good height, i wish i have that. wb to msia. see ya :)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Kimberly, she's no doubt your best friend, you know her so well.

Whassup, you push I drive!

Kim, it was great meeting you too. See you around again soon, :)

Anonymous said...

Argh. no way. bad publicity wei.