Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Happily Fat

I think I'm too fat, so fat that these people don't think I'm a Malaysian anymore, pffft!

I was window shopping at Starhill to kill some time after Milyn & co had left for the airport. The familiar faces greeted me with "Lynn, you've put on some weight", again(I've gotten these last week at Celine). Well, they weren't that tactless, they of course said something nice about me before and after the ultimate you're fat phrases.

The new crews at the boutique however, asked for my origin. They said I don't look local. I'm convinced that this has to do with me being fat, it has to be! This should be quite depressing yet what really scares me is that I am not really feeling it. What I know is that there are heaps of skinny people out there who are not as happy as I am, so what the heck?

Had coffee with Adrian last Friday, I had already warned him not to laugh at me for being fat. That freaking idiot can't stop laughing when he saw me, and he went "why do you want to do this to yourself?" I've to admit that he had lost heaps of weight, and he's still as vain as ever. We had a history - I used to go out with his best friend, who he's no more talking to now because of some 13-year-old kids problem. Besides, our parents are friends, he knew me since I was a baby. For some unknown reasons, that thought somehow digusts me. We used to have long coffee sessions near his work place, and am glad we're still in touch, after being out of the country for these couple of years. We managed to pick it up right where we've left it. He's a good friend who I sometimes feel like stabbing him with a well-sharpened knife. Annoying is Adrian.

It was great to see Milyn, Kosta and his sis in KL. It was a shame that we only managed to spend just two hours together as she's in town for less than 24 hours. That woman was crazy shopping, trying to buy a quarter of KLCC down within that short span. She has done well with two pairs of shoes, some stuff from Zara and Marks & Spencer. Women are born to shop, I knew that since young, it's in us.

I'm not happy to be fat, but I'm happily fat.

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