Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bringing the Alcoholics Back

My alcoholic friends, namely Eleana and Rodney, had tamed down a lot since my return to Melbourne in late February this year, so they said. Now that the wedding is over, I'm here to bring the alcoholics back!!!

That's what we did - Monday night at Laundry Bar, just the few of us. The annoying Jerry insisted on a bottle of cognac, while my intention was to have some wine, and Eleana wanted some stout. For some kooky reasons, we gave in and had a bottle of cognac with him. Len and his cousin, Kenneth came to join us.

When I saw Kenneth, I thought he reminded me of Mark Lee. We later confirmed that they are brothers, jeez... that makes Len and Mark cousins! Can this world be any smaller? Someone please tell me. As I've always said - the world is too freaking small, we shall behave ourselves as everyone knows everyone.

I'm looking forward to my first Mambo of this summer season. I guess it's going to be different from last year's, no doubt it'll still be fun. With some of them that had stopped coming out, and those that had returned to the scene, and us kicking arses when the moon is high and shining *grin*


Happy Birthday Keat! Love you always!


Anonymous said...

haha ya, they're cousins...

mambo tmrw night is hippie edition, ekekke.. lets gooooo

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Okay, if no one goes, I'll be there with you!

Anonymous said...

how old is this kenneth lee?
i know a kenneth lee though.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

He's between 28-30. Works for CIMB. Lives in Bangsar. Same person?

Anonymous said...

haha. no . but the one i know works for a bank as well hahaha.