Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Clubbing Family

Was at Velvet on Saturday night, with Eileen, Eleana, Alice and Steph. However, it seems like most of the KLites who goes clubbing were there. It was jam packed. Saw one after another familiar faces, it takes you ten minutes just to make your way to the back as you've to keep making your stop to say hi to friends. My brother and Rowena was there as well with the gang. It's really nice to have a brother and sis-in-law who parties with me once in a while, as Alice said "what a big happy family". Yeah, in a way we are.

Bumped in to Kimberly a.k.a. t0othfairie, and it was the first time we've met each other in person. She seems to be really sweet, contrary to her ball-breaking online persona. Whatever it is, I was half way on my train ride to getting smashed, all I remembered was her touching her chin(literally) to tell me that her last name is Chin. We exchanged numbers and we promised to catch up over drinks or dinner, together with Tracy.

The picture I've posted was cropped pretty retardedly, I know. That's because my f*cking-drunk friend(she called herself that!), Eileen can't hold the camera for just two seconds. This is the better among the two, for at least no one's chin is cropped. Oh, chins again.

I then got home at 5-ish, took a shower, and didn't feel too well after the oily supper. Hence, I went down to make myself a cup of hot ginger honey to aid digestion, that was about quarter to 6. I slided open my room's door and I saw the Indon maid making the curtains and she was in total shock to see her drunken-missy at that hour. Look, she's new and she has yet to familiarize herself with my lifestyle. When I got down to the kitchen, the Pino maid was cleaning in the kitchen...

"Siew jeh, aiya... you're still up, you drunk ah?
"Aiya... look at your eyes. Faster go sleep"

She does know me well, indeed.


Went to Laundry for a quiet night on Sunday. The cocktails at Laundry are so cheap! The Amaretto Sour was only RM19 and it actually tasted quite good, to my surprise. Besides, it was about fifty percent more than what we're offered at Cookie. Yet, I still miss going to Cookie.

Eleana thinks Milo is cute while the rest of us thinks she has got bad taste. Boys, don't be too glad when this girl gives you compliments, her taste is a little far away from the mainstreams. Thank god she has never think that I'm hot, phew...


Anonymous said...

milo? what about the fake chan meng!


ya the mojito at laundry was good too. damn alot for 18bucks, lets go again.. keekeke..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

And Eleana can get free cocktails from Milo too if she wants.

We shall go for brunch at the Curve one day, then drink straight so you guys can go home early for work the next day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan..

tracy said...

yes yes let's go party!!!! ask kim along!~~

Anonymous said...

RM19 for a cocktail??? I'm soooo jealous! Do they make lychee caipiroskas? Have one for me. Actually have a couple for me...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA. Tracy bluff people one.
Home is her best friend.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Tracy, we wanna do dinner first, then drinks then party. You've so much time for us?

Writer, they don't do caipiroska, unfortunately, but their cocktail list is not too bad at all.

t0othfairie, you mean spending time with kc is tracy's best friend, :p