Thursday, December 07, 2006

Welcome the Rockstar

"We're no more the divas, please put your hands together for the rockstars"

It's true, goodbye to the diva duo, call it down-grading or whatever you like, but we are both happy to be the new rockstar. Afterall, we did quite well last night, we had so much fun, got severely intoxicated, saw some familiar faces, met some new people, and then...

Eleana and I had attracted a lesbian!

The optometrist lesbian was all over us, dirty dancing with us and was touching us, yes, you hear me right, touching. Well, I flirted subtly with her too, for some reasons *chuckle* Frankly speaking, I don't mind being touched by a woman at all, I honestly am alright with that. The optometrist then whispered in my ear

"you're so sexy. I think I'll be happy with the two of you"

Was that a self invite to a threesome? Shite, I can't stop laughing now. Question is, do Eleana and I look like we're lesbian partner? Yeah, we did have a history but that was like a decade ago. For god's sake, two single women hanging out together does not mean we're seeing each other, however, I don't care and am quite glad we were taken wrongly, at least now we've got a new friend who parties with us at 'the joint' on Friday.

When we loses our status as divas, queer friends are what we get in return, on the first night of experiencing the life of rockstars. F*ck off you pompous bastards, we need you no more. Go back to your trannies, with thick make-up who can't dress. We won't even be jealous, because they are totally out of the league.

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