Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've Got All the Good Men

Excuse the intoxicated Lynn. It's Wednesday and everyone should know it's one of the most important night for me.

I feel truly blessed as I've finally realized, after so many years, the men, those men who were once really nice to me, are still really nice to me - I'm talking about tonight, right now. I don't know what have I done to deserve all these, but for you men who are reading these -

Thank You. I Truly Appreciate It and I Truly Understand What You Men Meant -


Roasted Dragon has been watching me like a guardian angel the whole night. So-Called-My-Boyfriend, as usual, has been telling half of the world about me and was the nicest man to be with, both to me and my girls. Mr Caterpillar Balloon was the one who guarded me home - sent me home and made sure I'm safe. Just imagine when these three men got together and started drinking *shakes head* I was the victim despite being loved.

What else can I say?

Moving on to my loveliest Dad.

I went shopping and splurged on this Fendi black Spy bag in lamb calf. I've to admit that it's kinda pricey, but I really liked it. I was very determined to pay for myself, erm... don't ask me how but I was. But my dad, being the sweetest dad ever, didn't want to take my money (trust me, I gave him the cash, 20% of it). No one will believe how much my dad loves me (and vice versa). It's strange when two temperamental psycho in the family love each other so much. No one understand us. It's just the normal mum loves son, dad loves daughter kinda family but mine is just a little of an extreme.

Am not saying this because he's paying my bills. Friends who knows me understand that my dad has always been pampering me more than he should. And thank god, my mum loves me just as much. Perhaps this is the time when you understand why I call myself lucky. I am lucky. My family's the best of the best, I have heaps of good friends both in KL and Melbourne, and one in Sydney. What else can I ask for?

Thinking of all these has already confirmed that this Christmas is gonna be special to me. It's gonna be quiet yet a home-ly one. Not to forget this very special gift that I've gotten from *Sebastian - ultra limited edition Gucci 85th commemorable perfectly-printed-and-boxed-book. It was so me, so beautiful, so limited-edition, so glam, so heavy, so pleasing, so Lynn.

Thank you. Thanks to my dad who can never take my money regardless of anything.
Thank you. Thanks to my lover who gave me the Gucci book. You know I love you!
Thank you. Thanks to my so-called boyfriend who unconditionally love me for all these years.
Thank you. Thanks to mr. Roasted Dragon for being the guardian angel when I don't even deserve being watched.
Thank you. Thanks to mr. Caterpillar Balloon for the patience, for the ride, for our past, for me and for you.

p.s. I'll post picture of my super cool Gucci book and ultra sexy black Fendi Spy tomorrow.

Also, Fendi vip fashion show on Friday, 2-4pm, anyone wants to go with me?


Anonymous said...

LL i love you so much too...can you tell your dad??? Maybe he can buy me a spy bag too??? Ask him! Im serious!

Anonymous said...

yaya me too!! ive been dying to get one!!

TheWriter2006 said...

Hey, dont forget about me!!!

tracy said...

hey, we're frens of 10 years (& counting) so if anyone, it should be me hor hor hor hor?
i also want black one..:p

and u're so lucky...lalalalall~~~

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Lynn Looted Loadsa Luck.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Ball Breaker, I'll try okay? Only after he gets me a Chanel 2.55, a Marc Jacobs, a Hogan, a Balenciaga and another Vuitton.

Steph, don't die just yet!

The Writer, how can I forget about you?

Tracy, they have once piece for each colour and I've gotten it, sorry, :(

Kimberly, you're darn good with your words, LLLLLL!!!

Anonymous said...

hey what about me...
we are lunch buddies...hahaha
faster post the pics.