Monday, December 04, 2006

My Brother's Wedding

My brother's wedding was a blast! Especially the dinner on Saturday, it rocked! It was like a big party in the ballroom. Instead of the bride and groom making their toast at each table, they both went their own ways among the guests, so were the two dads and two mums, and the sister a.k.a. me. That has left no one on the host's table, right after the toasting on stage. Most people that I've spoken to were having a good time, which made our effort all worthwhile.
The party didn't just end there. Zeta Bar was where the seventy of the younger us adjourned to in the so-called mission of finishing up the Cordon Bleus. Needless to say, there were those who couldn't remember a thing from that night; there were those who passed out in the club; there were those who sneaked home; and there were us who refused to say goodbye, all the syndromes of booze intoxication.
I did not tear when I was giving my speech on stage, thank god! But I thought I did alright, I choose to believe that I've done alright.

My indigestion has return to haunt me, at quite the right time - right after the wedding. I had to throw up at about seven in the morning in the hotel, when I was falling asleep. Trust me, I wasn't drunk, it was my stomach. How sure am I? Very. This is not my first experience. And for your information, the fried rice that I chowed down at about ten-ish were regurgitated in their orginal form. What I meant was, the rice were still rice, the carrots and green peas were still recognizable. Disgusting enough?

I had to throw up for about four to five times before my phone rang, that's when my brother woke me up and told me that I shall pack up and get my arse down for lunch. I was like a walking zombie at the restaurant, having only a piece of prawn dumpling, a bite size of carrot cake and a jillion cups of hot tea, I was begging my brother to go home. I drove a car myself but I don't quite know the way home *blush* I can feel the difference of a hangover and indigestion no more, it all felt the f*cking same - near death!

Hence, I headed home, made myself a cup of hot ginger honey, made my way up to my room, stripped, turn my phone off, and sleeeeEEEEEeeept for twenty hours, including a quick Milo break and a chat with Eleana on the phone. I guess if this happen to me every week, I can easily lose a kilo each week but no thanks, I'm happy with being chubby at this moment.

Going to shop tomorrow as massage is definitely more important for me today. There goes the wedding, here comes the parties and splurging.


Elizebeth D.L. said...

Lynn, you took more pictures of yourselves than the brides? hahaha.. and you obviously changed more than 2 times of your dresses!!

You look great though. Where got fat??

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, of course I took more pictures of them, but I post more of my own pictures only, hihi...

I didn't change! The green one is for the bride's side's wedding dinner, on Thursday. The other one is for our side's dinner, on Saturday. And the black one is what I wore to the club on Saturday night.

Thanks. I'm in fact very fat, but lucky enough, I manage to always looks alright in pictures.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

hehe... I like your green dress. Very classy feeling.

With the speed you sleeping straight 20 hours without food intake, u gonna lose weight in no time.

Anonymous said...

LL - U look absolutely beautiful! COngratulations to your family on the wedding.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, it's not easy to sleep 20 hours without food intake, it takes a lot of accumulated stress.

BB, thank you, ^_~