Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Women and Their Shoes

Violet had got me started listening to Prince, got his album when I came back and it's now on repeat. I Wanna Be Your Lover was released before I was even born.

Liked a pair of Dior peep-toe this afternoon, it was darn comfortable yet there's no more sizes for me. I'm usually a 40 but that pair of 40 was way too big for me, strangely. They ran out of 39 and I don't think I should settle for 40 as my feet will definitely be smaller when I return to Melbourne, when the weather's cooler and less humid.

Fendi was shut for stock-taking, f*cking hell. This happened to me when I visited last summer. Why can't they do it at after hours? Now I've to make another trip there, darn... They better have some nice shoes to make my trip worth, I need shoes, I need bags!!!

Was eyeing on a few pairs of Donna Karen but they were all sold out, at least for my size. Does KL people all have big feet like myself? Or they don't stock size 40 in Malaysia like Aldo and Nine West? Hey, I can sue them for discrimination okay? I was surprise that Belle stocks Pura Lopez and it's cheaper than in Zomp but they don't stock 40s.

Belle had moved from their large corner lot at KLCC to a small corner at Isetan, I was a little disappointed that they are not stocking Miu Miu anymore. Read from the magazines that the Melium group is bringing Bettina Liano in, great! I'm also very excited over the opening of Van Cleef & Arpel at Starhill, only if some men will deliver them to my doorstep *grin*

The newly renovated Chinoz looks great yet I'm missing the old one with that sense of familiarity. Got a quick brunch at Dome alone, the chicken & mushroom pie was as good as before. Does anyone has the recipe that can share with me?

Traffic in the city today was way too CRAZY. If I live here and have to be stuck in jams like today all the time, I bet my wrinkles will doubled in a month. My mouth will be effing all the time, worse than Violet. My thighs will be more toned, with all the effort in braking and accelerating. I'll be an angrier woman than now. F*ck!

I think I'm having my PMS, I get agitated very easily off late, and I've got a bad craving for food. Was craving for Jalan Alor Wong Ah Wah's barbecue chicken wings this evening. Was about to drive out at 1.30am but my dad thought it was too dangerous for me to drive down alone, and I didn't have the heart to make him go with me.

I then turned to my brother. I begged him to go get them for me but all he did was to ask me to order McDonald's delivery. I didn't know they do delivery till three in the morning, how fun is that??? I wish they've something like that in Melbourne so I don't have to drive out in the middle of the cold winter nights.

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Anonymous said...

You are listening to prince?
I love you LL!