Wednesday, December 06, 2006

She's Still Alive!

Shall I go shopping? I really can't make up my mind up. On one end I really need to get some designer's handbag fix, on the other I know I should save some money, I've been spending quite a bit off late, and I SHOULD be saving for returning the money, the Bangkok trip as well as Honolulu. But it's the Celine VIP pre-sale today, and who knows what else are out there today.

The wedding gift is a must. I already know what to get as said before. I'm just hoping it doesn't cost me an arm or a leg. I cannot settle to buy anything less than Tiff & Co., that's the lowest I can go. I wanted something better but *roll eyes* I'm jobless. It's an once in a life time's gift so there's no reason for me to be chintzy, that's not my style, sorry.

The weather's so hot, it's making me lazy. The crazy traffic is not helping me to move my lazy arse either.

Was speaking to Violet on Gtalk just before, she told me she got ran over by a car, bwahahahha... sorry but I have to laugh. And I asked her, so why are you still alive? I didn't mean to be mean but if you know me well enough, these are the sort of questions I ask. Yes, she is still alive, kicking and swearing, she's a tough woman, these things can't kill her.

Shall take a shower before making any decision. Can I win the lottery?

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