Monday, December 18, 2006

Extended Alcohol Effects

Eleana wanted to shut me up with a band-aid that she was using for her wound on her finger, mean!

I was having some sort of a hangover from those Old Parr from dinner the evening before. I swear I wasn't that pissed but I somehow got up with some sort of a headache, not exactly a headache, it's just one of those days where you feel like your head is heavier than it should be, low in energy, if you get what I mean.

By time I was all dolled up and ready to go, all I needed was a nap, I was so tired I could hardly talk properly/sensibly. Keat called me from Melbourne and she was asking me what was wrong as I didn't sound right. It was good to hear from her though.

Eleana and Eileen came to pick me up in a cab (yes, these days we don't drive, unless we don't intend to drink, if that is at all going to happen), I hopped in the cab and for some strange reasons, I started talking comically. I was entertaining myself and the girls with my nonsense from home all the way to Renaissance. Thank god the cab driver was a Malay and he had no idea what I was talking about except for when I said pussy in his language. The girls couldn't stop laughing.

Apparently, according to Eleana, my syndrome got worse when I was at the dinner. Ops, before I forget, it's Wendy and Casey's wedding last night, congratulations. Eleana got so annoyed with me during dinner, she threatened to stick her band-aid on my lips to shut me up if I make anymore crazy noises. I proudly told her that my lips are too thick and it wouldn't work. Irritated was Eleana.

I was suppose to be upset with Eileen for going to the hair salon without me (although I wouldn't go even if she had invited me to). Therefore I decided to bug her with that the whole evening. Annoyed was Eileen, happy was I. Everyone at the table had concluded that the effect of alcohol from last night had just started to hit me, maybe they were right.

Adjourned to Velvet after the dinner. That's when my so-called hangover went away. Thanks to the alcohol, again. See, no one believes me that alcohol cures. I've proved it over and over again that the only way to avoid hangover is to stay drunk. Take my words, or you'll regret *wink*

Didn't take any picture at the wedding as I was really not feeling well, and I was too busy talking. Hopefully Kuan had captured some nice ones with her new camera, her camera was super funky.

As usual, Velvet was ultra packed. Was making my way to the loo and bumped in to Kimberly. Before she even said hi to me she had already threw me a question in astonishment...
"what are you doing with her??"
"who?" I was still blur
"Emily Cheah (the kleptomaniac) la!"
"what? I'm not with her, cheeooyy!"
We then burst into loud laughter but not as loud as the music at Velvet. Can't believe Kim thought that of me!

Speaking of the music, Velvet plays R&B every Saturday and surprisingly, I'm okay with it. Oh, if you haven't already know, I hate R&B, I listen to them only at home. If I go out clubbing, it's either house, hard nrg, trance or retro, no thanks to R&B. But somehow R&B is bearable in KL, strange. Must be the booze, or the familiar faces.

Had a good sleep after some satisfying oily supper in town. Got up fresh and nice, headache was gone. I'm hungry now, supper or not?



Anonymous said...

im sorrrrrrreeeeeeee! hahahaha
i thought she was following u around or something!! hahahaha
hey, maybe she was snuggling up so close to you because she was trying to pick your pocket! omg!
have u checked ur stuff?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

She probably was following me, before seeing us giggling at her. Shit, we shall put some warnings at Velvet to warn the clubbers to beware of pick pocket a.k.a. EC!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do hahah.
let's do leaflets and strew it all over velvet. pin 'em up on the walls.