Monday, December 18, 2006

Identity Theft

Got a phone call from the bank. My mastercard got cloned, AGAIN! This is like the fifth time since I've got my first supplementary plastic card from my parents. Well, it's not like it costs us but I just don't like the idea of someone cloning my credit card, in a way, my identity was stolen. This time the thieves are in HK, damn... I should be the one travelling! Wonder what have they bought, Vuitton? Vivienne Westwood? Balenciaga? Blahnik? Oh no! I feel like smacking them, they should at least send something to me to show their gratitude.

I'm feeling so fat now. Dad was asking me what I wanted for dinner last night, I wanted Bak Kut Teh. They then drove me to Old Town to fix my craving - my parents are the best!!! My mum is at the same time a funny woman. On one hand she was telling me I'm now too chubby, on the other hand she was making me eat more than I should. Like when I went down for brunch today, I got what I wanted, she took a glimpse at my bowl and said "why are you eating so little?"

Women are contradictory.

I'm still wondering where did the thieves swipe my card.


Anonymous said...

it's ok, u can afford to eat that.
i always tell my friends,
'a moment on your lips, forever on your hips', but i eat myself silly all the same. haha
women are contradictory.

Unknown said...

Ur mommy sounded like my mommy hahahhaa..

you aint fat, you are just taller and bigger than normal asian babes .. Chunz!! ;p ( stay too long in OZ di hahahahah)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

That was a good one...
a moment on your lips, forever on my hips!!!
But life's too short to miss out on good food.

KX, you knew me when I was in college, I'm not almost doubled!

fazhira said...

eat > not eating!!

check ur statement perhaps
should be very recent, usually under a week
i kena twice liau.. sigh

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Have the thieves sent you a gift yet? I'm still being very optimistic. It could be santa who did it, damn!

TheWriter2006 said...

The credit card scam has happened to me 4 times! And my thieves always shop in Japan!! F**ckers....and no, they didnt send me a gift either!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Maybe they don't have my address, :p I'm pretty convinced it's santa who did it, he lost some money in the market and had not enough $$$ to buy christmas gifts!