Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Those Really Crappy Kinda Movie

I'm uploading the silly videos from my camera and phone to Youtube. Email me to get the links if you're interested in viewing them but let me warn you, they are crappy and stupid but funny.

Caught a trashy movie with Jev, Jo, Di, Darren and Ting, The Hitcher. Geez... it was the most crappy movie I've watched for the past 12 months. It was all Jev's fault. Our plan was to catch Bobby at 9pm but the gang had a late dinner, hence Jev suggested The Hitcher. Frankly speaking, I was totally against the idea but I was craving for a movie. I arrived at Crown thinking that I'll watch Music & Lyrics while they watch the rubbishy never-pick-up-strangers movie but Jev talked me in to watching it together and promised that I get to choose the next movie. So there I was, laughing at the poor production, the zero characters development, weak plot and senseless actions while I constantly yawned my way through the movie, not forgetting to check on the time every 10 minutes. I was so glad that it didn't last long, well, what else is there to show anyways?

And why would Sean Bean be acting in this kind of movie??

I think I'm coming down with something - my throat is itching, nose is a little runny and eyes are watery. Not happy!

I'm currently missing something badly - heavy rain with thunderstorm and lightning. We hardly get that here in Melbourne, very rare as compared to back home. Besides my family and friends, this is what I'm missing, really. Not the food, not the clubs, but the rain. Here I am, wishing upon the clouds, that it will pour soon, real soon.

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