Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take It or Leave It

Was explaining to June about brazilian waxing and the differences between the available options, namely all-off, xxx, xx and x. Me and a couple of girl friends are the brazilian waxing devotees, with different preference though. Some like it all off, some like to leave a sexy strip on and there's one who goes as far as to have laser permanent hair removal. As for myself, being a regular at the waxing salon for years, am still not interested in having them off permanently. Perhaps, although very unlikely, one fine day bushy is the new sexy!? On the other hand, I'm looking into getting permanent hair removal for the underarm. I don't care if bushy armpits are going to be in fashion, I can tell you now that I will never be one of them.

I've been going for brazilian so many years, that I suspect I'm losing my sense to pain. Believe it or not, a couple of years ago, I managed to almost doze off during my session, after not getting enough snooze for a few nights. The waxer was dumbfounded. I, until today, still can't understand how I could do it. Some would make statement like "these are the pains women would go through just for their men".

Ah-ha, I don't think so. I personally think it is more for myself. From my personal experience, not all men like it hairless. There's an ex-boyfriend of mine who felt uneasy of the sight, with the feeling of sleeping with a kid. Yet, I wasn't as submissive as to play his games - I mean, if you don't like it, don't touch or don't see. I made my choice and you're free to choose. Don't be silly, of course we didn't break up because of the hair issue.

In any case, you can never please the entire world at the same time, and you shouldn't even be attempting to. Everyone has got a choice to like the way you are, or otherwise. All you can do is to be yourself and first learn to appreciate yourself and your own choices.

I am one who believe that it means respecting others when I go out with at least light make-up, concealing my ill-looking dark eye-circle and others. But funny enough, most of my boyfriends liked the bare-faced Lynn. I agree with them for some reasons that why I should go without, but I've my reasons for going with and it has become part of my routine. Well, if you love me, you'll love me for who I am and as a bonus, you get to come home to the bare-faced that you like; conversely, you should respect my decision when I'm going out, right? Of course, this hasn't been a big issue between me and my men but...

There was an ex of mine who didn't like me looking good when I go out, even with him!

Apparently, he hated it when we walked in to restaurants or especially clubs and have men ogling at me from top to bottom; he hated it if I got picked up even if there's nothing physical was happening. Look, at the end of the day, his hand was the one that I was holding while I walk in to wherever it was; he is the one that I went home with at the end of the night; I didn't kiss or even dance with any of the stranger. Someone please just tell me, what was the problem?

Expected me to not look good to accommodate his insecurity? Dream on. Lynn is not Lynn if she detaches herself from her clothes, bags, shoes and make-up.

Say what you want, but I won't change my mind.


Elizebeth D.L. said...

Your ex so jealous. Then did he look at the girls who dressed sexy in the pub? (I bet he is... if not.. something is wrong;P)

So unfair huh, Mars can look, but the beautiful Venus cannot be looked at... aiyoh-eh~

After reading your post, I am interested to find out more about Brazilian Waxing... wooo..

su-ann said...

re: brazillians - i concur and couldn't agree more, an untidy bush is just plain unsightly.

re: your insecure exboyf? glad you ditched him babe, nothing worse than being with someone who yanks down your benchmark of hotness to fuel his own ego.

stay as your gorgeous self because you were born stunning, and never let anyone tell you otherwise hun.

xox have an awsome weekend

Anonymous said...

i agree to the fact that an untidy bush isn't really a good sight.. turns me off badly...

haha poor Lynn having to put up with all his shit and even after they're no longer together she still does...he should just grow up!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Su-ann, my weekend is looking great so far, too much work, too much booze, yet am having so much fun. You're the bomb!

Diana, my "ex", the one you know, is learning to accept me as his friend, with no choice, bwahahaha... again, poor boy! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh really??? I didn't know he'd learn to accept! Was learning ever in his dictionary? Hmm...

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

It had never been in his dictionary but his friends are nice enough to have taught him that word. Good for him