Wednesday, March 07, 2007


"I love rainbows too! I believe at the end of rainbows, there are flows of rainbow coloured smoothies into a pond. There's a village where lovely people lives. No polution, no war. It's almost another heaven. And you can even slide down from the rainbow, only if you're willing to climb the invisible stairs.

Hmm... and a sea of chocolate and spice!"

Wrote this to Angela after reading her rainbow entry.

Took a walk below my place after I got home, weather's great but I didn't feel that way. Had eight reversed-gaf within the span of 80-mins, has that became a habit that has secretly creeped in to me while I wasn't monitoring? From the surface, looks like it. Deep inside, I wish not. I'm just not being myself for these two weeks, it's safe to say that it was since my return.

I've been thinking quite a bit, scrutinizing the issues. As a matter of fact, I don't quite know what's going on and no thank you, I don't need a drink or two. Coffee will do. Speaking of which, I had a skinny-soy-latte this evening during my break. If you know me, you'll know that I'm almost a strict tea drinker, with the occasional chocolate break. But today, sigh... I could hardly open my eyes at my second lecture, like my garage door wanting to shut while I violently push the button on the remote, but the battery was flat. It was really bad or I won't be the first to dash out of class to seek for caffeine aid.

For a person like me, of course it helped. The caffeine attack was pretty full on. Good for me. Just wish I won't be hooked.

Willing to share? - Not really.

A big hug and thank you to June, it was such a relief to be at your place. I think Desmond is pretty afraid of me now, the non-stop talking, talking, talking. Erm... gossiping, gossiping, gossiping to be right? Guess the next time I'm dropping by, he'll ask us to go to a cafe instead, opppss! And sweetie-pie Milyn, what can I say about her? Too sweet, too observant, know me too well, but really, nothing much for me to talk about.

Bumped in to Louis at Coles, after him calling my name for god knows how many times...
"oh...oh... hi Louis, how are you?"
"hey, you okay? Are you awake?"
"erm... huh... yeah, I'm good"
(looked at the stuff I was loading onto the cashier)
"you having a barbecue or something?"
"no, just feel like shopping, so I buy food, I will eat 'em eventually, better than to buy shoes, you know..."
"these are not for one person, are they?"
"yes, they are"
"leave me alone!"Another new one right below my place, can't help but to snap it and send a picture message to Jo.

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