Sunday, March 04, 2007

Personalized Dot Com

Two early nights in a row, proud of myself in some ways. Perhaps I've just gotten back from KL, or perhaps I'm not in the mood, or maybe the PMS (POST Menstrual Syndrome). I don't know. Was really frustrated at Boulevard when I had to wait almost forever to get a drink, I gave up half way. Jackie was nice enough to get us all drinks, and I broke her glass, opppsss... I'm such a walking disaster. When I finally got a chance to buy everyone a drink, they ran out of cranberry juice and I had to wait again, WTF? Guess it just wasn't my night. On top of that, I didn't have a proper dinner - Lynn's an angry woman when she's hungry. That basically explains why I was having "that look" the whole evening.

Didn't get to sleep until before the sun rose, was too anxious to get up in the morning. I'm not a morning person, as in not before noon. So getting up at ten was a big deal to me. I tried my best but I was still a 15-minute late in meeting up with June. We had a great time catching up, shopping and wafting our anger through some serious bitching, I know - bad, bad, bad! I'm the bad influence, or was it her that got me started for the day?

Finally managed to get June's hens party outfit. Honestly, it's a little lame but look, we're suppose to look funny in our so-called uniform. Will definitely post up pictures after the event next week. I'm seriously looking forward to it.

Had a good time with June and her friends, Eva and Kennii. They were not only not fierce, they were really nice to be with too. Can't help but to laugh at myself that I was a little worry before that they are going to be unfriendly. Glad to know that Kennii is another "one of those girl", a little like what I am. Maybe I should say, I'm a little like what she is!

Thanks to Angela's detailed instruction, I've gotten my own domain. Guess by time you read this post, my new domain has finally worked. Boys and girls, please put your hands together for my new virtual play ground:


Whasup said...

nice domain!!

can you get rid of the word verification for your comment <-- my comment/feedback :P

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Thanks!!! Are you suppose to be whaSup or whaSSup?

Why d'you want me to remove that word verification?

Whasup said...

i'm "apa macam" haha

remove it cuz it's annoying! trust me on this!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Only for you, I'm doing it and it has better be a good suggestion!

angela said...

Am glad my naggy lengthy instructions did work... hahahahhah!

tracy said...

yo babe, can u be my 'angela' and nag me on this?
would like to get my own dot com too...:)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Thanks to June and Angela's influence. I was being very kiasu, afraid someone would buy the domain name I want before I could get my hands on it.

Tracy, I'll forward Angela's email to you. She's the ultimate intructions giver!

TheWriter2006 said...

Wow...LL, u'r so smart! Got ur own domain...kekeke :-)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I knowzzzz!!!