Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Am Not Falling Sick!

I'm such a loser, in many cases. Simple things like dancing like there's no tomorrow at Lavish when I've told not only myself but the entire world that I'm not stepping foot in there. To a faintly more serious extend, I always utilize my heart more than my head, when I shouldn't be *sigh*

Feeling terrible right now from running around under the rain in the city. Feeling terrible in many senses. A lot had happened in the past 36 hours, for better or worse. For better, it was a good distraction from what that had been holding me back; for worse, I realized that I was thrilled at things that I shouldn't be. I should be old enough to understand the rules of the game but I don't seem to be picking them up.

Perhaps... This isn't really my field?

Know what is the down side of living alone? Falling sick!

I wouldn't use the word "tough", I'd rather use "stubborn" for my case. As for last year, I was stubborn enough to have gotten myself through. As for now, I don't think I can handle myself if I fall sick at this time - I've work to hand-in, I've things to sort, I've parties to attend to, I've no time to waste.

On the other hand, I should be glad that it was pouring. It's my kind of day, only if I didn't have to run around under the rain, giving me this pounding headache from hell. It washed my damn-cool-more-than-dusty red rocket. It took the temperature down. It promises a gloomy chilly day tomorrow. It is suppose to make me excited.

Enough of these rambling, doesn't seem to lead me to anywhere. Maybe I should start to believe in blow-drying my hair so I can go to bed sooner. However...

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