Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Couple Tying the Knots

Congratulations, Katie and Raymond!

They've finally decided on the date for their big day - 11th of November, fantastica! Just in time to be back for their beautiful spring wedding after buzzling KL wedding of June and Desmond's. I'm really upset with the fact that I can't make it for Cheryl's wedding on the 24th of November, as well as Wei Kuan's on the 8th of December, both in KL. You've no idea how I much I want to be there but... sigh! Can someone be kind enough to sponsor my air tickets?

Had a good dinner with Keat and Ken at Sarti, can't be f*cked with my money saving plan tonight. For some reasons I was feeling totally drained by the end of my class, all I could think of was to have a good meal. Hence, like the week before, I joined the mr and mrs for dinner. I initially planned to grab something from Coles on my way home and cook something up but heck, too tired. Guess pampering myself with a good meal on the miserable Mondays isn't too much, afterall, I've been a good girl.

I've received my first birthday gift of 2007 - air tickets to Tasmania! Thanks Joanne, you're such a darling. We've planned to visit Tassie just a month ago as we thought we shouldn't be wasting anymore moolah on Sydney and Melbourne, which we've been too many times. Brisbane last year made us realized that there are so much more for us to see and do, other than our own cities. So there won't be shopping for me for a long time, I'm gonna save for my holidays, Tassie, Hawaii, ski trips, KL, Koh Samui, Hong Kong, and fingers crossed - Queenstown to ski more!

And my academic new year resolution - attending every single class!


su-ann said...

babe, i totally hear you on 'planning' to cook dinner at home, planning being the operative word here. after a gruelling long day, the last thing you want to do is slog off in the kitchen, so you did the right thing by treating yourself to a good meal. ah, words from a true hedonist *wink*

best of luck with your new years resolution, i wish i could have kept up to that one in uni!

take care xox

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

You're right sweet, I've always planned and failed to execute. However...

I've bought meat home, looks like someone's really messing the kitchen up this weekend!