Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Adopted Habits

It's been a month (leave the few missing days in February alone) that I've not spent a single cent on what I already adequately have in my wardrobe and shoe racks. June's hens uniform is an exception as it was a "must". Not only that, I've not stepped foot in the malls or shops as well, to avoid my expenditure accidents. Honestly, there were several times that I had to deal with the withdrawal symptoms - feeling desperate to hit the stores and get a whole new winter wardrobe. It is however safe to say that I've managed to hold myself back with other distractions like cooking, blogging, cleaning and grocery shopping.

Speaking of which, the last has became my new found midnight leisure. It's such a pleasure to spend an hour or so at Coles after midnight, by myself, pushing the trolley aisle after aisle, having all the time to spot the differences between Chris' Homestyle Hommus Dip and Black Swan Traditional Hommus Dip. At most cases, I'll end up taking both home in the name of sample assessment. Oh, not to mention not having to wait at all at the one and only check-out.

For the past two years, I had always been a Saveway girl but I'm now a convert. Coles stocks much more organic products, which I wouldn't think twice in spending my money on; most importantly, they are open 24 hours, great for an owl like myself.

I reckon my upside-down sleep cyle isn't very healthy and productive, partially thanks to my classes that are all allocated not long before the sunset. Most of my activities are carried out in the middle of the night: grocery shopping, cooking big meals, making soup, cleaning, laundry, grooming while I sleep through most of the days, especially days that I don't have to attend classes, with my eye-shade being my best sleep buddy on top of my baby-bolster and Badtz pillow.

I've habituated to sleep with my eye-shade since last year. I am now getting so used to the pitch black illusion while I sleep. I've also discovered something new when I was in KL, plush foam eye-shade and it's absolutely comfortable. It was from Ogawa and my mum couldn't remember how she got it for free but it has definitely became my new best sleep buddy.

Speaking to Rodney now and found out that he just got back from Bangkok with David, Michael and Steven. Steven, the bloke that I introduced to him more than a year ago, has became his buddy, just like how an eye-shade has suddenly became my best sleep buddy. I am still puzzled at why they can become buddy, putting the history of myself with the both of them in to context. Well, not that I'm against it or wanting to be a snoop but you know, out of curiousity.

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