Monday, March 12, 2007

Future Music Festival 2007

Also known as June's Hens Party

It was abso-f*cking-lutely awesome! Same venue and same setup as Summadayze, even the said-to-be magic mushrooms that me and Violet was drooling over was there. The only difference was that the music was 10 times better than Summadayze. It was rocking all the way from the moment we got in. The DJs lineup was fantastic. For Summadayze, the star was Bob Sinclair and he pretty much screwed it up. As for Future Music Festival, all DJs played relatively great, was a little disappointed with Carl Cox though. But trust me, once we had gotten in to the main arena, it was pumping and rocking all the way, and Ferry Corsten was fabulous.

There were 3000 more people on top of the number of people that attended Summadayze. Let me do the maths - Summadayze was 28,000 I heard, so FMF would've come up to 31,000. Well, I guess it was because the following day is a public holiday while people still need to go to work on the next day after Summadayze. God damn it, no wonder the ladies was like a mad house! I went to the main arena's toilet twice. The first time the girls still knew how to queue, but the second time round, f*cking hell, they had no manners. No queueing, lotsa pushing and stepping on each other, yelling and swearing. The little toilet was jammed up by at least 40 girls!?! Everyone had to literally fought their way to pee or do whatever shit they needed to.

Vum, Adrian, Chris & co came in to where we were - the middle of the highest stage at the main arena *giggle* - after queuing for an hour and a half. Knowing that, we refused to leave that area. Believe me, we've got the best spot of all, and we were dancing right in front like the rockstars *can't stop giggling* Jevon got up so late that he had missed most of the day, and ending up at the dance floor, which wasn't too great of a choice. And god bless us, we girls did not sit for 8 hours since 2-ish in the afternoon till it finished, and I've not stopped dancing except for when I pee.

June reckoned that I was praying to Allah most of the time, oh my... it was just too funny. June looked freaking cool in her shades while bringing the raver in her back; Kennii couldn't stop applying her lip gloss every 20 minutes; Eva was pretty smacked, holding the side of the stage half of the time and got turned off from going to the loo because of our complains; Michele and Meghan went to Underground and when they eventually came back, Michele was too tired she needed to squat; while Meghan was still rocking.

However, we had done well by...
  1. Dancing in great style
  2. Looked pretty all day (thanks to June who put on blusher for us, hence no pale looking zombies)
  3. I managed to control my lips movement *wink*
  4. We were too cool in our hens party uniform.
  5. All had such a good time, I wished I could turn back time.

These girls are just a bunch of good fun, just why didn't I meet them earlier? All June's fault! However, better late than never. We got back to a service apartment with two men who helped us checked-in, with a freezer of popsicles and a table full of bananas!!?!! Well, popsicles wasn't quite my kind of thing but thanks for the bananas. According to Desmond, it was suppose to help us gain more energy, hm... Kennii and I was like two dead fishes. Michele was doing well, she looked great while Meghan and June looked absolutely straight. The night ended with the boys coming over ready to party, but ended up lounging around after some dried cabbage. My phone couldn't stop ringing because the two crazy sluts around the corner couldn't stop ringing and texting. I passed out when the mad people stopped talking, and when I've decided to silent my phone so then I couldn't hear the phone calls from the two crazy sluts.

Boys and girls, let me present you the pictures...

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