Friday, March 02, 2007

So You Think It Was Me Who Wanted To...?

I sometimes help people around in getting what they want, and got mistaken as wanting that to myself most of the time. For example, Lulu wants to buy a pack of ciggarette and she's feeling too embarrassed to (for some strange reasons). Me, being the supportive one in most cases, whether it's right or wrong, would offer my help in getting things done for friends. People around would then just be shallow enough to look at the surface and conclude that I'm the one who in fact wanted to smoke, and I'm making Lulu smoke at the same time. For that, Lulu kept quiet and can't be bothered at all to explain anything.

That was just an example of what happened, what really happened was perhaps more or less than that.

Whatever it is, there's nothing much I can do. My true friends should know what kind of person I am. I have nothing to hide yet I loathe explaining myself. A good friend then asked me, "why do you have to be ms-stupid-yet-nice to do things as such to help others but not yourself, haven't you learned your lesson?" Well, I really don't know. Disappointed with those who kept quiet and those who made judgment? No doubt about it.

Time to send out my CV, rent increased, fine to pay, debts to clear, upcoming bills bills and bills. It's so hot right now, I can't help but to put my air-conditioning on full blast, AGAIN!


Elizebeth D.L. said...

still summer in Australia?
We gonna have summer here soon... yucks~~~ it is no joke to go through summer that can go as high as 40+ degree celcius..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Autumn just started but today and tomorrow's gonna be hot. :(