Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nervous Wednesday

Happy Birthday Merv, the Taur-mini.

I had a great night tonight, not only that I got to catch up with Merv, Andy, Alex, Louis, Dixon and met some really nice new friends; I also got the chance to catch up with the Man Mo boys. It's been a long time since we drank together, when all the lights were dimmed, kitchen was definitely closed and we gathered around the table, chilling and drinking.

It's been a year. I remember it was last year's winter. Almost two nights in a week. It was all fun - kitchen's all mind (although I couldn't handle it but to make them cook); bar's all mine for me to ransack; no driving needed so I could drink as much as I felt like; and I knew I'd be absolutely safe because someone would be calling to make sure that those boys sent me home safely. Time really does fly.

Tonight, we had some special guests - the owner of Renzo's and friends, sexy. Italian and Spanish with strong accent, they are all my neighbours in fact. He remembered me. I'm going down for brekkie tomorrow, with a good bookreadings and aiming to finish one more essay before the weekend. Good luck, erm... in fact, all the best. Don't quite trust my luck.

Finally cleaned up my place a little, while I was waiting for Mev and co to arrive. If anyone (most) of you thinks that I'm always late and have no concept of punctuality, you should meet this group of my friend . It doesn't affect me anymore because I'm well prepared. Dinner at eight? I'll start getting out of bed at eight, shower, get dressed, make-up and make myself a cup of tea. Chill.

Weather's great this week, chilly. Monday was the best, gloomy, rainy and wet. Tuesday and today were okay, chilly with a bit of sun but seriously, I'd love to have more rain and put the sun on a winter break. Looking forward to that.

Here are some pictures, lazy way of blogging in fact - Be back when I've more time to talk about food, heaps on food! Happy time's over, back to work.


TheWriter2006 said...

Nice jacket!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Haha... thank you!

It's from Hua!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looking hot as usual!

Anonymous said...

hey babe!! I bet this is the very first time for me to leave a message to you~ how's everything going? I am still working on my essay.. I have a tough time~~ I have an extentsion until this fri ONLY~ and I am going to work tmr~~ in a marketing research firm.. as a surveyer~~ haha~ it is a good time to catch up right?? haha~ we should go out one night.. after we finish all our shit~ cya later~~

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Hi Joe, thanks, ^_~

Katie, all the best, let's work hard, smart I mean, together. I've heaps of unfinished work too. Call when both are finished!