Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back, for the second time. I was meant to write something, heaps of things that had happened, and a lot that I had been thinking. For some strange reasons, went missing for about a day and I was freaking out. Thanks to Steph, everything seems to be fine now, just that my header still isn't there but am sure I can sort that out later. I couldn't believe how people would actually call or email to ask what happened to my site, thanks peeps. June was the first to act, emailed me first thing in the morning, then some calls from friends, and even Shian in KL asked me over the phone.

After so many stay-in week nights, the Loony Lynn finally got back to her mid-week drinking madness. In fact, on Wednesday, the drinking began at about three when I celebrated Diana's birthday at Balzari. We were the only diners in the restaurant (at that odd hour) and I was really pleased that the kitchen doesn't close for lunch. People like me who have a problem getting up before noon needs more good restaurants that keeps the chefs working between meals. Surprisingly, portion wasn't too huge - two girls managed to clean up three entrées and two mains over a bottle of white, isn't that amazing?

Did some window shopping tipsy before meeting up with Keat at the Red Hummingbird for some catching up. Apparently everyone had been quiet and had not been doing the mid-week-get-smashed shit, but I've just got my freedom card from finishing my work. I was there to bring the alcoholics back... even Diana was in the house. After four bottles of wine shared between three girls, Len got us another two bottles of Bollinger that got me absolutely f*cked. It felt like forever that I've spent time on the rooftop deck. I somehow (like always) found my way home safely, washed up and even made supper, pfftt!

Was in bed the whole day before getting up to make some dinner for Jev and Jo, to thank them in motivating me finishing up my overdue work, and most importantly to celebrate Jo finishing her exam but heck, that little thing postponed her exam to next week. Well, it was good to have them over as the last time I cooked for friends was for the chicks in November before I returned for holiday - Chickouna. As I was telling Jo, I use my dining table once a year, I don't cook for people often but I'll try to do it more often. The asian grocer was right, the pork ribs, with the additional tofu and mushrooms that I had added in, my pot of bak kut teh was able to serve at least four of us (Keat popped by and had some). And thank goodness, no complaints of feeling sick or diarrhea yet, it's all good.

I don't know why but I really am in no mood to write.

What I wanted to say before had gone away.
What I was wondering isn't important anymore.
The strength of letting my fingers tell you my stories are getting weak.

See if the weekend will bring me back something that I've been missing.

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