Friday, May 04, 2007

Spiderman 3

Caught Spiderman 3 today with June & co. I liked this one better than the second chapter. Like it as there were many things that happened in the movie, not just the superhero meets the villain, fight and the hero wins over, without help or support because he's superbly heroic. Besides, the movie was funny too - Peter Parker's ugly chunky shoes and his choice of flowers, sent me laughing like a mad woman. Guess James, who were on my right, must've thought that I was on drugs. On my left, June thought Mr. Spider's double chin is a big turn-off and found it disturbing *giggling*

Enjoyed my evening at the movie very much and guys, we should do this more often, definitely healthier than drinking. Yeah, you read right, coming from a pseudo-alcoholic me. I'm proud to say that I've not been drinking for five days but I'm having an early start tomorrow - over late lunch. Wine, wine, here I come!

Perhaps we should go for a comedy and you guys will get to see the Loony Lynn in action, I go crazy. I laugh and I make sure that people on my sides laugh with me.

Came home and had the last serve of my version of asian-pasta before cleaning my kitchen. The tradesman is coming to fix the oven tomorrow morning, between freaking 8-10am. Damn... if I don't love and need my oven that much, I would've arranged for next week's afternoon yet I can't. My oven is darn important to me, especially during supper time. My nuggets, my frozen pizzas, my sandwiches, my baked pasta, my... I'm an oven girl. For tonight, I'm making tomyam soup with beef balls and oyster mushrooms. Sigh... I just can't ditch this supper habit, can I?

Back to my asian-pasta, it was stir fried chicken with ginger and spring onion with penne. Just the normal way of stir frying the dish but make sure there are heaps of gravy to pour over pasta. I think my future children are gonna be very happy kids merely because I think, I'm a darn good cook! Trust me, I think I make one of the best ginger and spring onion chicken as well as spicy preserved vegetables pork that I made the night before. My skin is thick enough to announce that *tongue out*

Hooray... soup is ready, time to get my supper fix before hitting the sack. Have a great weekend, xx

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