Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers, mothers-to-be and those who wish to be mothers,

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I'm a tad too late but at least I had wished my mum in the afternoon, after waking up from all those killer mix of alcohol from last night. It all started at home at about eight when we started playing cards. The three of us finished three bottles of white, a bottle of bubbly before making our appearance at the club at two-ish. For once, our positions had swapped - Pat was dying to party while I was dying to stay home. The two devils were making me drank most of it, believing that I would go when I was smashed enough. Somehow true.

A boozathon of tequila shots, vodka shots, quick-fucks, whiskies are what Jo and I did when we got there. Found out this afternoon that Jo was apparently hugging the bin the whole night, geez... she walked in the restaurant for yamcha this afternoon like a hungover-robot in her aviator shades. Too funny of a sight. As for me, I got home and was on the phone for a good 90 minutes. I wish I've someone at home to tell me what the hell I was talking about, I think I had made myself an idiot once again.

Checked out the Rooftop Bar at Curtin House, it was freaking amazing. Most of my friends would prefer to be there when it's warmer but for myself, I thought it was the perfect day to be hanging out at the top floor's lawn, right in the middle of the city. I could have easily fallen asleep up there.

My body's aching terribly from all the sports that I've been doing today - wii Sports. Seriously, my right arm's aching, my butts are aching and I'm dead tired. I am so tempted to get one at home but, I don't like visitors at home and there's no point hermit-izing myself with that. Guess it is still better to play at friend's but... I'm still thinking if I should get one. I need exercise right?


Elizebeth D.L. said...

I also called my mom in the morning:)

BTW, my fren just bought WII yesterday. The controller comes in pair one? Anyway, he said it was damn fun to play with. I have yet to try out.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Am not sure how many controller the original set comes in, but my friends all bought extra and they've 4 for each console. It is really very very fun to play with, no joke. Very addictive too... Bowling and golf are my favourite.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

they also said tennis is not bad, in the game.

you made me want to buy the game. the main board here costs RMB 4030, pair of controller cost RMB 450. Is it considered cheap?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Buy it, it's good for exercise too, makes you sweat! Tennis is fun but I'm too dumb, I'm not good with balls coming to my direction, I am better with hitting balls out, e.g. golf and bowling.

Was just on the phone with June and she told me Australia is the cheapest to get wii in the world. The console is AUD400 = about RM1100; controller AUD70 each = about RM190. But you're living there so you should just buy there. I'm tempted to buy, shit...

Elizebeth D.L. said...

the more you tell me how good it is, the more I am tempted to buy...

let's see who bought it first!;)

Er.. i have a dumb question -- can connect to TV to play right? (I am very out-dated when it comes to electronic devices).

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I'm sure you'll buy first. I'm telling myself not to buy. I am thinking of the Nintendo DS instead, make more sense when I play alone at most time.

Yes sweetheart, wii can be connected to TV and that's the only way you can play with it, ^_~