Thursday, May 17, 2007

To a Special Friend

Dear CLoon,

After much hassle (from your side) and the ridiculously expensive postage that you've paid, I have finally received my birthday cards. You're the only person who sends me card this year and there are two! The cards had really made my day, especially on such far-less-than-perfect day for me.

Looking back, we've known each other for a decade or more now and you're one who I don't see but knows a lot about me. And I'm happy to share most things with you. I find comfort in sharing my problems and confusions with you and I really appreciate your patience with me. I know there are times when you couldn't open your eyes yet you had no choice but to stay up for me while I rambled on.

As you said, both of us are from two different worlds but I guess that's what made us good friends. Isn't that totally weird? You know me, don't you? The beanie and scarf that you bought me are still my favourite till today, you do know what I like.

You know what sort of person I am and you will always be on my side when I'm at wrong, not forgetting to point my mistakes out to me. Thank you. What's most important is despite what I've done or what a bitch I can be, you still see me as your amazing princess. You made me feel like a princess again!

Loony Lynn

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