Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Birthday Part II: The Lunch

It's been a week now and if I don't post up my birthday lunch's pictures and entry, I might be too lazy to do so. Assignments are draining me and I had no time to wash my hair up to thirty minutes ago. While waiting for my hair to get dry and my head can't be f*cked with work, perhaps I should take this as my little break.

My birthday, last Wednesday, let me see...

Woke up with a bit of a hangover from the night before and the non-stop ringing of Violet's phone, geez... Weather was great with a lot of sun, perfect for a day out by the water. I was a little late and had two groups of friends waiting for me already. I had apparently screwed up the reservation, pfffttt... who asked them to call me at 10-ish in the morning to reconfirmed my reservation? I couldn't even move and how could one expect me to think and speak straight?

Anyway, almost everyone who RSVPed attended the lunch, as well as some surprise turn ups. I was starving and started drinking once Charm arrived and got me a bottle of white. I was proudly announcing to everyone that I was drunk even before the food arrived, excuse me the birthday girl. I felt really bad for not having the chance to spend time with everyone - I had to drink, eat, pose for pictures, speak to friends and drink more. It was nevertheless, a big group of people.

I am very grateful to have had these friends in Melbourne to share this very special day with me. It will not be the same if they weren't there with me, sharing the jokes, the food, the never ending booze and not to forget the very Asian thing - cam-whoring! I really did feel like a baby that day, despite being one in the group. Well, I'm only 19 after all *wink*

I had lost count on how many bottles of whites we had (many of us drank wine at a brewhouse) and couldn't believe the day ended so quickly. Time passes by too quickly when you're having fun, very true. Had some chinese noodles and rice at one of the restaurant after the sunset before I got home and chatted with my family over the phone.

Thanks loves, for the gifts and for spending your precious public holiday with me. It wouldn't be a celebration without you guys celebrating with me. Like I've said before, my birthday just seems to get better each year, and I hope it will only gets better.

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