Monday, June 18, 2007

Miss Me Yet?

Aloha folks!

I'm back and I'm lost. I came back, and I went away, and now I'm back again. I've been to places, many new different places, as many of you already knew. I guess it'll take me forever to give you a full report and since forever is overrated, I shall just take my own sweet time.

Apartment is in a shocking state - two huge suitcases in the middle of living room. Boxes of newly shopped and delivered goods. Over-flowing laundry basket. New gems that I've hunted down and the most horrible thing - unpaid bills!

Caught up with Jev for lunch today and I suspect I've brought the cold back with me from Tassie. It was definitely too cold to be dining alfresco and Melbourne isn't any warmer than down south. I have some plans tonight so I shall layer myself up and have some fun. Can't wait!

Since I'm still lost and lazy, I shall just end this with the tanned lazy Lynn in Hua design.
Before Armin's White Party

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