Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Becoming a Whale

Warning: Lynn will turn into a whale by the end of the week. That's simply because she cannot stop feeding herself with food and more food during her waking hours, to keep herself awake. All are results of not having any self-control when it comes to having fun and now she has to finish up pieces after pieces of essays, profile, reports and journals. Serve that Lazy Lynn right, hhumppphh! I say no sympathy's needed.

Had two home-cooked dinner invitation today, one from Diana's mother-in-law and another last minute one from Pat. Couldn't make it to Di's as I was still in bed when she called and honestly, I couldn't move except for my thumb to push the end call button before weakly thanking the invitation. Fall back to sleep and got woken up by hunger not long after. Made myself a steak while the pot of chicken herbal soup was simmering on the stove. Theoretically the steak was my breakfast - a little inappropriate but that's what I could find in the fridge which wasn't frozen.

Three hours later, after driving up and down the same road around Pat's place for too many times as I couldn't think where was her place - mind blank moment, Pat called to save me. I had to go over to her place to collect an important proove, but thought I wouldn't be able to have dinner with them. Thank goodness there were heaps of leftover as I was hungry again when I got there. Mickey made dinner and it was yummy, three dishes and a soup - something that I missed as I don't get to cook too much when you're alone and no, I don't quite like visitors, my place's too small. Excuse the not-shy Lynn as she was so hungry she couldn't helped herself to two servings of dinner.

Everyone at Pat's got a shock when they saw the scattered me walked in to the house, could hardly open her eyes, dressed scruffily, with bad hair and wasn't able to think straight. I am exhausted, from the lack of sleep. I have to admit that the days where I still look fresh and radiant after too many late nights are now history.

I've also learnt that it is definitely harder to drive when you're sleepy than when you're drunk. I just couldn't hold my eye lips up when I was driving back from Burwood this morning, after sneaking in at 8-ish to hand in my report. I couldn't stop slapping myself while struggling to stay awake in the car and red marks were what I've got when I looked at the mirror when I got home. If history's going to happen itself again tomorrow morning, I'll take Mickey's advise - ice!

I've been good yesterday, didn't step out of my apartment at all the whole day and let me remind you, it was Sunday. Decided to stay in to do my laundry and changed my sheets instead. Didn't get much quality sleep because there were two idiots who called me at 5am and 7am. I was happy to have heard from the second one though *grin* For once I got home early from the club and tried to sleep early and my phone was popular, f*ck!

How I wish I can go to bed now and when I get up, my profile piece will be sitting on my table, nicely stapled with cover sheet, waiting for me to be submitted?

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