Friday, May 18, 2007

"Leave Approved"

Was having a good chat with Mandy, while trying to clear my mailbox. Those mails had been there for half of a century and I never seem to be able to clear them. Yet I'm one who can't just delete everything without taking a look and share with my friends. Junkie am I.

Was browsing on June's blog and discovered this one. I didn't know this exists until tonight. I've been missing a lot of updates from them. It's about these two friends who are holiday-volunteering in Nepal. It's worth reading and good for us to get to know how life's like in the other side of the world, from a volunteer doctor's point of view.

Looks like they're having a great time and CJay's blog shall keep me busy for some time.

Spread the love people!!!


Unknown said...

I also want to join their group.. hmmm.. I wonder if they allow me to help out at least once a year? BUt I am not a doc wor.. I should check with laych..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I like the volunteering part but I don't think I can handle the hiking part! Pretty hard for someone who can't walk for more than half an hour.