Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Love You Winter!

My lovely days are finally here...

The cold wind that brushes so harshly against my face, that I'll get a free blush after walking on the street. I should moisturize doubly from now on.

My cold hands that I have to constantly look for a pocket to rest for, when I (like always) forget to bring my gloves out.

The jackets that I love that layer me... layer after layers.

The sun that sets so early, so early that sometimes when I get up, I don't even have a chance to say my bye-bye.

The balcony door that I've to keep it shut despite how much I love the fresh air for the apartment.

The socks that I've to wear to bed because it gets so cold during the hours before dawn and I absolutely love it.

Goodbye night dresses and sleep shirts; hello flanelettes and electric blanket.

I can't help but to repeat... the cool breeze that gets through my thickly knitted jacket is a total bliss. This could be my last but I'll make it my best.

Hello Winter, I'm in love with you, once again... again and again.


Junie said...

NOOOOOO!!! Go away.....

TheWriter2006 said...

I hate winter!!!!

angela said...

yeah i hate winter too!!!!!
too cold for any body part to function properly!

Elizebeth D.L. said...

I totally hate winter.
I also hate summer that hits 40 degree celcius.

I only love spring and autumn.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

You girls are weird!

Unknown said...

I like winter. But I like hot sun and beaches more, I think Winter is extremely romantic ..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i miss winter!!..those days when u have the perfect excuse to go shopping..haha and also perfect to play soccer although we guys freeze our balls off

su-ann said...

I heart winter too babe. Can't wait to head back to Oz soon in-a-bit! Firstly, the beach in winter's simply divine and I admit I'm over-dosing on repeat Alannah Hill frocks and therefore need a new stock of girly frocks!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

KX, I only like the sun when I go to the beach, other than that, NO!

Joe, winter's great huh!? Unfortunately, I shop four seasons and winter just allow us to buy more, haha..

Su, are you going back to Oz for good or holiday?