Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Think I'm Still a Shopaholic

Discover this chic new boutique at Bangsar Village II, Kitsch. They stock all Australian labels like Wish, One Teaspoon, Milk & Honey, amongst others. I was so excited upon seeing these familiar names which I haven't seen for some time now. Funny enough, the price is much cheaper than in Melbourne *scratch head*

Hence, I am the idiot who came back for holiday from Australia and bought Australian labels. Bought this really pretty multi-coloured dress and green polka dot cami from Milk & Honey, a floral fan-sleeve top from One Teaspoon. All for about AUD150, my god. For that price, I may be able to get only a dress. I'm going back again next week to see if there are new collections and I'm going to buy more!

Was planning to parade my new dress tonight but had decided to wear it on Saturday, to celebrate Jo's return. Yes yes yes, my love of my life is coming back and this time, she has all the "freedom" that we need to be naughty. We're gonna kick more asses this summer.

Bangsar Village II is such a great new mall. It's not too huge but I like the fact that there are shops where you can actually spend your money on, e.g. Kitsch. Zara will be opening their doors and many other new names that carry pretty good stuff. Half of those shops are still under renovation before opening their doors, looking forward to more interesting new shops that stock nice clothes.

On the other hand. Hartamas Square is the lousiest mall I've ever been in KL. There's nothing to be happy about that place, besides the parking, which is permanently empty. I had lunch with my primary school mates and that place was glaringly un-satisfying. It's such a dead mall and I'm still wondering when is it gonna be closed.


By the way, I've just returned from my night out and I'm smashed. Will be back tomorrow...


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Not yet but I've read about it in magazines. Will check it out real soon. Sorry haven't got the chance to go to KLCC. Will check your bag out for you when I'm there.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

It is. I'm looking forward to get more, and Lush Icon!!!

I'm the 1-U directory but now I've found my new love - Bangsar Village 2. Checked your price for you, will email you.