Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

On MSN with my med school cousin, Wi-Liam...

Lynn : that means that person bluffed me. What is folic acid? Why body needs b12 and folic acid?

Cousin : to make blood

Lynn : make blood? I don't have enough blood now?

Cousin : I don't quite remember, it's something about the blood la...

Lynn : I know that!

Cousin : then he say meat... means vitamin b12 lor

Lynn : whatever, I'll just eat more meat, I'm happy to do so

Cousin : but then ar~ it's not because you never eat enough ler~ alcohol causes depletion in vitamin b12 and folic acid de~ don't drink so much la... heheheh

Lynn : (bwahahahhaha) really?

Cousin : yaya

Lynn : muahahahha... this is so funny, it's true it's true! I must blog about this man...


Don't know how true is that but since it wouldn't affect me, I can't be bothered.
Happy Valentine's Day, boys and girls. We shall celebrate with some drinks, cheers!

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