Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last Mambo

Keat and I shaked our arses to R&B
Yes, it was r&b not house, after the usual retro hits. We were having a ball of a time. Ken had apparently not seen three bottles of whisky gone so quickly. He thinks all Malaysians are alcoholics and I guess he had finally got to know our "culture" slightly better *chortle* When everyone was intoxicated enough, we were on the dance floor. Keat and I refused to leave the dance floor even though all of our friends had left, we were having so much fun dancing to what we usually loathe. I shouted into her face
"Keat, we're both dancing to r&b!!!"

Our table is the hottest
Believe it or not. Even Keat said that our table's girls were the creme de la creme of the club yet everyone of us is single, pffftt! Me and Eleana reckoned that men are intimidated by hot chicks and they would rather go for the less challenging ah lians. Somehow true. We've pictures to prove but I can only post them when I get back to Melbourne, too busy.

Double da supper
We were pigs, and Ken got scared. We had my favourite beef noodle on Jalan Tung Shin then adjourned back to Jalan Alor for the barbecue chicken wings, stir-fry pippies, spicy mini-snails a.k.a. balitong and glass noodle. Not surprised that Keat and Ken enjoyed them so much and can't believe that woman hasn't been to these places, and she calls herself the Malaysian with royalty blood??!! Thanks to Wei Liang and Soon Eng who were nice enough to have taken us Malaysians who are leaving this weekend for these supper-athon.

I've so much to pack. It's madness. Gonna be quick so I can go for massage, coffee with the mr and mrs, dinner with family then drinks with the usual suspects again. Sigh, too much to do, too little time.


Anonymous said...

LL & kit rockin to R&B??? My work here is done!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

You've to feed us with a lot of booze to begin with!