Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Singapore I: Night Life

If you haven't already know, I spent my weekend last week down at the party land, Singapore. My plan was to get down there to party like there's no tomorrow and stuff my face with as much hawker food as possible, no shopping at all. As expected *smirk* I had stuck to my plans. Not only that I didn't buy a single pack of tissue, I didn't even hit or go near Orchard Road to begin with. Now, eight thumbs up for me baby! Jo was back in time to join me down south for the parties.

What we basically did for the four days/three nights trip was partying till the sun was up and woke up a few hours if not right before the sun set. I think Jevon's parents must have thought that we're insane but I'm pretty sure they're quite used to that. To be precise, my drink-athon had started since Sunday. Sunday at Somo, Mont Kiara; rested on Monday, thank goodness; Tuesday dinner then a few bottles of white at Orange, Hartamas; Mambo Wednesday then oily supper on Jalan Sultan which lead to some chucking on the coach heading down south; then it was all drinking drinking drinking in Singapore followed by the 8TV party at laundry with free flow till they shut. Rested yesterday and babes, let's rock on tonight!
The clubbing scene in Singapore is getting so much better compared to my last visit, which was almost three years ago. We used to frequent Singapore so much that I could direct the taxi driver which way to take but now, alcohol had killed all my memory and sense of direction. Thanks to Jessie who allowed us to bunk in her room; thanks to Jevon and Marcus who showed us such a good time and taking me to all the food that I've requested; thanks to their wonderful parents for their hospitality - the dad was cool to talk to and the mum couldn't stop feeding us food and drinks. Me and Jo felt really bad for staying at their place with four empty hands and got home so "early" each morning *blush*

With all these international super clubs trying to share the limelights in the Singapore clubbing scene, these people are well spoiled by choices. How I wish we can get these in KL. Looking forward to more new clubs and bars when I return for my next holiday.

It's not a club but a bar/lounge. Beautiful interior but sorry to say ugly people. Erm... not trying to be rude but there's no good looking men in both KL and Singapore, so they are both even. Hence, when I keep repeating about men in Singapore are hopelessly ugly, no hard feelings, men in KL are equally bad. Back to the bar, great band (don't look at the face please) but the sound system needs a lot of improvement. People here are considerably well-dressed, mostly I would say. Saw two girls who dressed like they were working in a nightclub, couldn't stop making jokes among ourselves of them. Wei Liang and Jimmy ensured me that the crowd are beautiful on other days. What happened was that there's a new club opening at the Cannery that evening so all the beautiful people has gone there, so they said. It's a great bar really, beautiful bar and a large chillout area both indoor and outdoor.

Cafe Del Mar, SentosaBeen hearing a lot of negative reviews of this place, especially the service but I personally loved the place. Liked chilling by the man-made beach after a night of full-on drinking and dancing. Lying on the bed staring at the stars, talking the nonsensical talk while trying to keep my eyes open, sipping on those drinks that don't taste like anything anymore after getting your tongue numbed from all those at the beginning of the night. I think I can camp there when I've no money to rent a hotel and no one welcomes me. The indoor restaurant/bar looks very Marakesh-ish but I suppose I can hide myself there in the afternoon when it gets way too hot outside. There's a pool where you can swim and I saw people got out of the pool at twelve in the midnight. There are clean bathrooms. We loved it so much that we had to go there twice within such short trip. The service was actually alright albeit a little slow, perhaps they've gotten the negative feedback and had improved themselves. Take a look at the venue
p.s. what's with the boots at such warm and humid place?

St. James Power Station
An entire building of clubs, restaurants and bar converted from the old power station. Went on a Thursday evening so it wasn't pack but enough people to fill the scene. Chilled at this outdoor lounge which I don't remember the name, that has different design for each cubicle. Well designed with the lack of sceneries and mosquitoes feeding. Adjourned to one of the clubs in there, Movida if I've not mistaken, not sure. Joanne needed her r&b fix so me and Jevon had to dance with her. Not bad of a place for all different sort of entertainment from chilling to r&b to karaoke to trance and canto-pop at Dragonfly, as I was told.

Zouk Singapore featuring Roger SanchezRefused to go there at the beginning as we have one in KL too but Jevon and his friends wanted to go for Roger Sanchez. Also, most of those who I knew from Melbourne were going to be there, fine. No regret, thanks for making me went. Met up with people like Pei Wen, Marn, Michael, Lup, Gavin and more, all from Melbourne, also Jimmy and Wei Liang from KL, not to forget some new faces that, erm... guess I'll save the story, don't worry about it. People here are better looking than the previous few places but not my cup of tea. Joanne spotted her cutie and couldn't stop drooling over him for some time. Me and Jo reckoned that my sister Jimmy is capable of getting a lot of girls from his not-to-bad face but he's just way to blur and shy. All he was capable of doing is to drink and dance with us *palm hits forehead* Sanchez rocks! Music was abso-f*cking-lutely great and it had set me in the zone, pffftt! Thank god the boys took us there. Jimmy, my sister who's straight

The Cannery
This is absolutely awesome. It's a square full of funky stores, fancy restaurants, chic bars and most of all super club like Ministry of Sound. I'm totally in love with the Cannery and I guess I'll be able to spend every night in a week there just to check out all these places that I can have, god damn it! We opted the Fashion Bar for its chic interior, and of course I did the picking. Also went in to check out Kandi Bar, groovy but relatively small. Left shortly after as everyone can't wait to get in to the club and boogie.I was at the same time very keen on the Clinic, a conceptual bar of hospital. Their seats are like hospital bed and their reception and cloakroom was like a mortuary. Didn't get to get in as we had too many places to go yet too little time. Go check it out, trust me, it's ultra cool. Man, I just love the Cannery!

Ministry of Sound, Singapore
Four rooms under one roof with an escalator to the first floor. I loved the pure room, everything is in white and they played house, fantastic. We were hanging out at the VIP area on the main room. Thanks to Gavin, who's working for them now, got us all VIP entry for free - see, I know people! The main room was pumping and Jevon and I thought it was still not hard enough for us, which is why I'd rather be at the pure room. Retro room was really crowded with men perving on girls. Didn't check out the r&b room, not interested and was too absorbed into the music. Sad to say, people here are the ugliest of all places, I guess Violet would love to be there as they were mostly Jeff-style-ah-beng *chuckle* As June said, men in Singapore are not only ugly, they are fugly. I agree!

Got picked up by a Brazilian and for the first time I realized that...
Brazilians can look like Indians, f*ck!
All in all...
Clubbing in Singapore was marvelous. It could merely because it's a change of scene for myself, or not. Security is good, whether in clubs or on the streets. Drinks could be a little costly but I don't quite mind. I'm really glad that I've got the chance to catch up with the bunch from Melbourne, especially Pei Wen. She's such a sweetie and an evolving butterfly!

Well, time for me to get ready, look pretty, dinner and party!

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