Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Love My Dad

Got my medical report back today, under the heavy rain without a legal parking space. I am perfectly fine. I was a little surprise that I'm in no trouble with my cholesterol level, with all that seafood and meat that I have been stuffing my face with. The only thing I need to do is to have more meat. Yes, meat. You heard me just right, pffftt! Only if they know that I'm not a fans of greens, what else on earth can I eat besides meat? Well, according to my report, under the haemotology section, there's this MCH thingy that shows that I need more meat. I've no idea what it is about and I didn't want to know as I wanted to just grab my report and run back to my car which was parked in the middle of the road. I'm sure Keat and Ken would be able to tell me what's that.

My point here is, I've got a full license now to not eat greens and carry on with my mostly meat diet *grin*

It was such a productive day for me today. Just finished drinking with Eleana and her colleagues at Laundry Bar, before my manicure & pedicure and the "alcoholics reunion dinner". It's the 8TV year-end party. It was great as they were giving such great prizes to their staffs, and free drinks to their staffs (and the alcoholic friends a.k.a. Lynn). Eleana got a hand-held massager from Ogawa while her cool art director got the second prize - digital camera with printer. Believe it or not, I knew it was his before the draw, I told him and he said "nah, can't be". Ten seconds later, his name was called. Freaky.

Also went for my dental appointment today, just the normal check-up and cleaning. As I was lying on the seat, with the couch in the room in the corner of my eyes, I thought of my daddy. Since young, he was the one who took me to the dentist routinely. He'd wait for me to get up, washed up, drove us to that place, parked his car and take me in to the clinic, while I sat in the car quietly. I knew he knew that I was nervous. Well, I'm quiet when I'm nervous. He'll be sitting there by me while I get my teeth checked, before taking me to a big nice meal. That's my dad - would skip work just to be with me. And I was trying to remember, how many years have there been that I've driven myself to the dentist without him being by my side?

Sometimes, when I look into my dad's eyes, it reminds me of those days when I was a small little kid and my dad was wrinkle-less. He had never say no to me, and he has not till today. He would question me but he wouldn't say no to me. When I was terribly sick, he stayed home to just take care of me although my mum was with me, because he couldn't trust anyone but himself. I'm in a way like him. My mum loves me more than anything on earth but speaking of my dad, no one can be compared to him. I sometimes wonder, what would I be without my daddy? I don't think I'll be doing my masters without him; I don't think I'll be in Australia without him; I don't think I'll be posting this entry without him.

Regardless of how much complain I've had about him, I love my father. This trip back, I've felt more than ever, things that he's been doing for me. I never thought, at this age, my dad would've cared more, but he does. His love for me is enough to overcome all the hatred that I've been building. I should be satisfied.

I should be.


Unknown said...

Hei Eleana, who should I send our media kit over to in 8TV ? We are interested in mandarin channels. Can help?

Anonymous said...

MEAT ur head~! wut u need is vitamin B12 n folic acid which u can find in meat n SPINACH~ eat more spinach~~ hahaha