Monday, February 26, 2007

The Indian Girl Again

I've not finished with that freak!

She slept on my shoulder where I had to elbowed her hard to get her off me. I then had to turn to the other side, hence the stiff neck I had from that freaking sleeping position. Opsss, sleep? What sleep? That accumulated 60-minute approximately, f*cking hell. Not only that, the freak had two hand-carries with her, and she locked every freaking zippers on the bags. Look, since you're hand-carrying them, why do you need to lock them? Well, it's her choice, but when she lost her keys, the poor stewardess got to search for her up and down with a torch, lifting both mine and her seats up. Best thing was, she locked her passport in the bags. How f*cking annoying is that when I was watching the end of The Prestige and I had to get up because she f*cking lost her keys, and later found them again. God knows where she's kept them, up her arse probably. And she didn't use the washroom even once for that whole nine hours, god... I bet she didn't know there's one on the plane, good for her!

Sorry but I'm still bitter over having someone ruined my suppose-to-be-fantastic flight. By the way, The Prestige was absolutely fantastic.

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