Sunday, February 18, 2007

O.Ded on Prawns

Happy Birthday, Allan.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday, falls on the same day for both Gregorian and Lunar calendar, how cool? Wonder if this will ever happen to me in my entire life. One of his good friend's wife gave birth to a baby boy yesterday morning, freaky. I was cracking my head in deciding what to get him and I was running out of time. I've already bought him things like tie-clip, cuff links, tie, shirt, perfume, etc. for the past years. Was getting more and more frustrasted at myself after getting yet another One Teaspoon dress from Kitsch when I was suppose to shop for others. Walked passed Haagen Dazs and that's it, an ice-cream cake. Made a quick call to his wife to make sure that she hasn't bought any. Well, what's a 30th birthday without a scrumptious cake from the cute sister *chortle*

He wanted hotpot dinner at home instead of eating out at some chinese restaurant like we usually do. Good for us as I don't quite fancy sharing the noise and hassle at most restaurants these days while Chinese New Year is around the corner. Too bad for my mum and maid to have to deal with all the preparations and the cleaning up. My mum bought so much food, we couldn't move after dinner. I had them as supper with my dad after I got home from Velvet and hotpot lunch for everyone at home today. And we still have food left, jeez... My mum's worse than me in terms of shopping for food.

I'm feeling so fat and bloated from my PMS and all these food that I've been eating. Not many hours after our hotpot lunch, it was the traditional reunion dinner. As usual, there were steam whole chicken, braised duck, braised oyster with abalone and that "hairy vege", roasted pork *drool* and prawns amongst others. Speaking of prawns, my dad and myself had been overdosed on prawns. We had been eating at least fifteen each from the hotpot and by dinner time, we couldn't help but to say no to the prawns, what a waste.I'm so tired from getting up early (one o'clock) after getting home at four and hitting the sack at almost six this morning. Thank god my partner in crime, Eleana, agreed to head down to the club with me, or she might regret. We had so much fun and when Edwin called me to ask us to meet him outside as he was leaving, we refused to go and had decided that we're gonna party till the night ends. And we did. It was such a great night with good house instead of the usual r&b. Also got to know a group of boys who seems to be really nice to hangout with, and one which was not bad at all for Eleana. Egg Benedict as breakfast for miss Lim please *wink*

Before I go, Happy Chinese New Year, my loves!

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