Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peace and Quiet

I'm not ready to leave. Had finally started packing, knowing that the coming few days are going to be a busy one for myself. I hate packing, and unpacking. Fingers crossed that this trip I won't have to pay for excess baggage, it's not funny. I don't know where have all these weight come from. It doesn't look like I've shopped a lot for sure, yet I've got a whole luggage full of new clothes to bring back.

Seeing Keat and Ken for the past two nights had helped me in preparing myself mentally in returning to the other place I call home. It reminds me of what I've left behind and it's time to get my arse back and pick them up once again. It's unfair that I've to leave those in KL for such a long time. However, I do remember how I've always felt reluctant to be back in KL. Guess it doesn't matter which city I'm in, I'll always be grateful to be living in either one of them.

Family's always too busy during Chinese New Year. Everyone has their own agenda and making a date for a sit down family dinner has never been harder these days, throughout my whole trip in KL actually. Tomorrow is the date and they better be sure not to come up with last minute cancellation.

I sometimes woke up to an almost empty house leaving my maid behind to serve me on a dining table full of chow but alone by myself. At times I'll be waking up to noises of friends and relatives and it frustrates me big time, I will then rather be having my breakfast alone, peacefully and quietly. I hate it when I've no choice but to hide in my room after I get home because there are too many people in the living room, whether gambling or drinking. I like to go home to peace and quiet. That's one thing that my Docklands home can promise me. A promise that can't be broken.

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