Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Living, Loving

Congratulations to Sharon and Kelvin on your engagement! Another sweet couple is gonna get hitched. Lovebirds, please be prepared to act out the sweet proposing moment during your mock engagement party this Saturday, can't wait!

I'm truly happy whenever people around me are getting engaged, getting married or having a baby, not too certain about how others feel about it though. Afterall, these are all joyful events to be celebrated, to prove that love, is actually all around, and can still be found.

Let me just ask a short question...

Why can't some people (I know, who are less happy in most instances) be happy for their so-called buddy for just once, just once on this special moment of one's life? Is there anything to do with the sour-grapes-theory? I totally understand that not everyone is born to be an actor, but trust me, he could be that one in a million (without the x-factor, of course). Therefore, why give up the innate talent and not display your best wishes? Or have you been too busy with life that you've unintendedly mixed up goodwill and sarcasm?

I know I shouldn't be expecting everyone around to behave and think like myself, and I am not expecting, I don't want to. Therefore, I have to categorize this as socio-cultural shock. I was shock upon the cynicism. I was speechless when the person involved were unaffected, what else can I say? I'm in no position to comment. Perhaps, I had skeptically misinterpreted the intended message of the sender. If so, all I have to say is, poor English - inexpressivity - don't blame me for reading so hard in between the lines. As mummy always taught me: if you've nothing nice to say, shut (the f*ck) up!

I don't intend to defame anyone here. I know it has got nothing to do with me. But it bothers me. It makes me wonder, how would my girlies react when I tell them about, say... I've got a job/getting married/got a promotion/won the lottery? It bothers me. Regardless of whether it was best actor or Tom or Dick or Harry, it would still makes me think.

Enough said.


Slavoj Zizek rocks!
Caught The Perverts Guide to Cinema from MIFF last night, worthy of note. It was a film talking about film by Zizek, the famous philosopher cum psychoanalyst. I have to admit that my mind started to wander in the last 30 minutes during that two-and-a-half-hour film. Taking into consideration that I'm one with such short attention span, I've done well, opss... I mean, Zizek had done really well.

He basically covered a wide topic of cinema theory using psychoanalysis and other theories. Talked about desire/fantasy vs. reality; feminity and masculinity; symbolic meanings; conscious mind vs unconscious mind... I wish I've studied harder during my Monash days, maybe I could be a psychoanalyst too (does it make good money?) I have never noticed the connection between superego, ego and id with the first floor, ground floor and the cellar in Hitchcock's Psycho, as pointed out by Zizek, brilliant, why didn't I write that in my exam papers? I'm quite buying the idea of Zizek about cinema helps creates desire, as well as to create a safe distance between desire and reality.

Another thing that kept me thinking from last night till now: What will happen when fantasy becomes realized? One word - Nightmare. Yes? No?

Caught You, Me and Dupree with Jess and SP this evening. As expected (with Owen Wilson), it's gonna be a dumb show that gave me a real good laugh. And it didn't cause me to check on the time, which means it's really not too bad. I love the idea of "finding the -ness in you", funny yet makes sense. As well as the "living, loving" attitude, I can connect with that, easily.


tracy said...

hmm , wondering who u talking about and what?
well, if one day u were to break the news about u getting married, we'll definately be ecstatic

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I was talking about the stingy one, if you get who I mean.

Likewise, when you break the news, I'll go crazily-happy. Knowing that it's gonna happen but don't know when helps prepare myself from not jumping up and down and break the roof.