Friday, August 04, 2006

Just do it!

One of the many things that pisses me off - Some Lazy People Unwilling to Send Pictures they had Taken to Me. No offense people, I know some of you are going to send me, but there are two particular friends of mine, who I've been 'chasing' the pictures for a zillion times and I still see nothing in my inbox, or nothing that they've uploaded on the virtual album. Oh... actually, to be precise, now I've three of them.

I'm just wondering, how hard can that be? For god's sake, I'm not asking you to take the hard copy, scan it, resize it, and send to me. Please just f*cking connect it to your computer and attach it in a mail and send it. Or you can do like me, just put them up on a site. If you're really that busy, send me one in a day, or ask for my thumb drive/CD-R or whatever @$@#$xy and make a copy, jeez...

Again, people who read this, who knows that you're gonna send the pictures to me, I trust you do intend to. I'm talking about someone else, who I've asked in my best manner times after times. And I'm talking about the ones that are NOT working, NOT studying but just hang around at home or in the city.

June & Des - Go to Queenstown and kick some arse! Have fun and be safe! I'll be waiting for your return in envy.


Unknown said...

sabar babes...hehehe..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Haha... the one who is not-sabar asking the one not-so-sabar to be sabar.